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What’s the deal with the JP chests

The chest says you can get up to 62,000 coins but every time open them I only get 700

Hey Hybrid_ext, the daily limit is set at 62,500. However, once they reset, you’ll be able to collect more. :smiley:

If you tap on the “i” icon on the upper right corner on the Moving Chase menu, there will be a reset timer. I hope that helps!

The daily limit on these chests is completely irrelevant. Chest event begins at 10 am eastern time and resets it’s “limit” at 8 pm eastern. The event continues to run until 9 am the next day, on a new, reset limit. There is no possible way to get anywhere near the daily limit displayed, due to the limit being reset in the middle of the event.

Hey @Ned, could you shed some light on the mysterious 18 on the chests lid?



Aaaah, thanks hybrid. I was in fear of not finding out and that would have bugged me for ages :smile: