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What’s the Deal with the Mammoth Line?

Specifically Therium and Lania. These two are absolutely bonkers to me. Their stats are a complete mess (seriously, what are Mammotherium’s stats), and it’s just… these things are just awfully cracked.

I’m just going to try and rework them. Also Mammoth because this thing is a bison in an elephant’s body.

Woolly Mammoth

This thing is a Mammoth, but, as I said earlier, it just… doesn’t feel like like one. At all. Its health is pretty pathetic (4200), its damage is lackluster (1000), its armor is strangely low (10-15) and its speed is unreasonably high (115).

So, with this, I tried to make it more of a mammoth. I increased its stats pretty much across the board, but did go ahead and torpedo its speed to 106.

Additionally, I give it some alterations to its moveset. GDI becomes Group Decelerating Rampage. PFS stays the same, as its a hallmark of the mammoth line, and Bellow becomes Instant Rumble.

I actually really like IR, and I figured Mammoth should get it since Deinotherium has it as well, thanks to power creep.

The compensate for all of this, Mammoth loses a bunch of speed and gets changed to a Fierce Resilient.


As for Mammotherium, I decided to just gi with the standard hybridization route. Why this thing currently has the health and attack it currently does (3600 and 1500 respectively) I do not know, so I put it more in line with what I’ve got after the Mammoth Rewor.k.

Like with the Mammoth, I boosted its health and crit, as well as replacing Bellow with IR. The attack gets knocked to 1200, like its ingredients, and its speed also gets tanked.

It does also get a 50% resistance to Decel, however. Its class also gets changed to Fierce Resilient (bit of a mistake on the Toolbox there).


Mammolania here is more of a sidegrade to Mammotherium as opposed to a direct upgrade, at least not to the point that it is currently.

As usual, we nerfed the health, buffed the damage, put in Instant Rumble and tanked the speed. I also got rid of the Swap Prevention Immunity so that Bleeders like Daryx can bleed it better.

Mammoths are some of the creature the most balance : kill what they are suppose to kill (anything without armor piercing/fierce faculty).

Getting hard counter by anything fierce, specially as a revenge kill to setup a Thor/mortem…

As one of the rare counter you can launch against cera/hadros and don’t die instantly, it would be a really bad idea to nerf it.

Or if you really want to take off some health, compensate with more armor.


Mamoutherium and Mamolonia do not need a buff they are already very balanced and Mamolonia is used in the last arena

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