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What’s the future for JWA?

It’s interesting to read that Gemini will be the monthly reward for September, and we are getting Brachiosaurus every day, so two great dinos will be readily available to everyone. Another end game dinos no less, to add to Orion we just got. This is the way the game is going so what will the future bring when we have players who have end game dinos in their otherwise early game line up?

When I started playing at launch it was ages before I got my first unique. I worked so hard collecting the dna and it really meant something. Wow I thought, I’m doing great now, yet now we see players who have only recently started playing getting Dilocherius then Ardentismaxima from the monthly alliance championship, and a month later an Orion to go with it!

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but unless we get some new creatures we will have a very tired game pretty soon. And the new creatures need to be a little bit harder to get hold of, like Mortem Rex so that the ‘old timers’ have a reason to keep playing.

So I propose that we get an Apex version of the unique dinos that starts at level 26 like Mortem and can only be fused with 2 level 30 unique to create and build it. A reward if you like for those who have been playing for long enough to have level 30 uniques. A new super league of hard to create dinos that only the players that remember how hard it was to create the best dinos will be able to join. These dinos could be capped at level 40 and would add longevity to the game.

What do you think?


It’s a cool idea, but it needs to be implemented right or else this game could be dead, also BALANCE

I’m kind of scared that soon the lower arenas will be filled with apex critters.

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Same, but we all knew it would probably happen. Thankfully, most lower level players aren’t in the forums/discord so it shouldn’t be awful

I wish there was a separate arena or league or something for apex stuff.

It would be nice but we’d be waiting forever for it to be ready, actually maybe if we do an unboosted arena, we can’t have Apexes but get no seasonal, it’s just for DBI and Incs

Yes,and then trophy drop with these “new monsters” ?
1-Balance matchmaking
2-Balance creatures
Then we will see.
Spoiler alert:It will never happen,ludia have not the talent to do it.

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The lower arenas are already like this 21 max aren’t uncommon in down at the bottom of sorna so I’d imagine their lower then that as well.

This is why so much of the games population is stuck in the lower arenas. Your basically grinding the same teams through two arenas and facing a nice spread of droppers, those who have over leveled junk, and others like yourself. It’s hard to maintain a 50% win rate with those kinda of odds.

But if you do lose the ai will show up and give you some free trophies to make sure you stay in the logjam.

Surely there would be a separate arena for the apex creatures by the very nature of them only being available to the higher level players.

At reset the top arenas should not go down to 5499 like they do now, it causes a mess now so it would even worse if that happened with the new apex leagues.

when players are able to gain a unique at the Start of tournament entry, something should be done to balance out progression. either add more arenas, or cut back on what is being given out. there’s epics in the lowest arenas when maybe you had high level rares two years ago. There is so much quick progression that so many players are congested below the top 3-4 arenas because they have 1-2 lv 21 uniques with much lower level/ lower power teamates that you can’t find balanced matches because power levels range so drastically and RNG. quick progression can be good to get more people up higher so higher matchmaking can work, but we can’t forget that the lower arena matchmaking is also important. It’s make or break for new players.

Championships helps players improving their team. Ludia probably try to bring more players fast in top arenas to increase competition and improve matchmaking.

Interesting idea about Apex creatures, but for longetivity of the game is probably better as it is. With fusing option for Apex creatures, top players would be miles ahead of other players.

What I’m concerned about is, that we have only 23 uniques, that’s less than 2 years of championships. Adding one unique each update won’t cover championship needs for long. So what will happen if they run out of uniques?

Cycle em probably if the game will still be around by then

This… the idea of levels= progression has been gone from this game since alliance rewards. By the time Ludia implemented level based rewards for them it was to late. That was gone when people had lvl 20 Eino and sino in Ss Arcadia.

Back when I hit sorna for the first time if you had a lvl 17 stegod you were doing good. Now those guys have 21-22 indos both gems, Thor’s, 24 sarcos and monole are quite common and again I’m talking about sorna.

The difference between sorna team and a low avairy team is the sorna team is probaly running a few tyrant components at 20 and the avairy team is all uniques.

The only solution is to bring a much larger chunk of those players up. It will help tremendously with match making. They way their currently doing is far better of an option then say at Patrick’s day.

So from what I’m reading you figure it’s better to leave it as it is, and players who have levelled all the uniques to 30 should sit around waiting for newer players to catch up and make the pvp experience better?@Dinotris

Maybe for matchmaking it would be, but it does make the point of playing for those with the team of 30s somewhat less than it should be. And for those who prefer to collect the full dinodex and have been doing so since the early days the idea of having new super dinos would make it better for them too.

Have they added Tri-Brids yet or am I a year early again? :smirk:

I’m seeing a lot of responces so here’s my take clears throat
The severs are filled with Ardentismaxima as a new meta shifts in and hits people hard and fast. The best dinos has swapped to legendaries and uniques that players dare not touch let alone use. The community splits into 2 groups.
The first beliving that they can pull past the update with no changes in their team and a decent amount of DNA to supply their team. They realize that they can’t win a single fight, some try to adapt to the meta and end up with the second group. Those who didn’t change went with boosts having to spend real money over and over again.
The second immediately requesting DNA from alliances and darting as many of the dino that they need to fuel up what has now become a monster after buffs. Those who are too late to realize the new meta are unable to get the DNA from alliances or get very little.
When did this happen? About like 1 week later when they introduced a mini update to 2.1

Or number 3, the casual player who had a lot of same level creatures and just switches he team around

There’s is currently less then 10% of this games population in library and above. So the argument that this games playerbase as a whole isn’t ready for an expansion just yet is valid.

Now I’m not saying they shouldn’t or won’t but I’m not sure how they proceed… but if there gonna implement a raid treadmill type system for the upper tiers a fusing of apex directly conflicts with the type of linear raid progression they may implement.

With JWA, Ludia will more or less the same thing they’re doing now, maybe with minor improvements and changes here and there until people inevitably stop playing to the point where they’re no longer profiting off the game. In an unknown number of years the game will be taken off the app store and will be nothing more than a memory we either laugh, or cringe at, depending on our experience overall.

I’m just here for the ride while it lasts. I’ve given up on drastic change for the better. If the updated branded as “the one that changed everything” didn’t really do much, safe to say not much will.

@Schtemty Yes, Apex creatures should stay available only from raids. Those of us that play from early days and remember real grind would just role over other players with lvl 30 Apex creatures. This would make arena and matchmaking even worse.

Not sure about rising lvls for creatures. What I’m worried about is the price of each additional lvl up. Would be nice to have more lvls on creatures those.