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What’s the meta like v2

Title says above. Trying to take a look at my team. Any suggestions on who to change?

Other than Tryko and Ardentis being overpowered, from what I’ve heard.

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Thyla is basically one of 2-3 that can take on max and tryko. DC is pretty good again. A pretty good field fighter after its initial swap in. Erlidom isn’t as good anymore as it can be slowed and its cloak neutralized at the same. Tenotorex is great with its 1900 base damage and kit variety. Monolorhino is a good surprise swap in.

Erlidom and Gemini aren’t that strong anymore.

I suggest trying Monolorhino, Tenrex, Dio or Daryx

Utarinex is also a bit of a sleeper in this. It’s got great speed, great damage, R&R, it can be deceled, yes, but it has a surprising amount of bulk. It also has instant charge, which can be valuable for killing.


swap Erlidom for Thyla and Gemini for Draco

in my humble opinion they do a good job on level 22 :ok_hand:

How good’s the Dracoceratops Hybrid?

Erlidom needs to go. Not having immunity to decel or strike & run makes a heck of a lot worse than it once was. I would recommend switching it for either DracoRat, since it got a lot of attack and health, or Utarinex for similar reasons. Utarinex also has Rampage & Run.

Vexus you could keep if you want, but if you’re looking for a bleeder I’d recommend putting Thyla in its place. Maiming works better for what it is, and it’s a substantially better counter to Maxima be ause it’s not so gosh darn frail.

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Would swapping Gemini for Thyla work?

So from your guy’s suggestions, I decided to make this my team. How is it?

And please ignore levels. I seriously need to level these guys up to accommodate for the loss of Erlidominus

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looking good. As a heads up on Grypolyth, heals are based on attack now and it lost defense shattering strike.

I feel like Cleansing Strike over Defense Shattering Strike is a buff overall because it now no longer cares about distraction or bleeds.

In regards to what you said about how healing works now, can you explain that a bit more? Little confused on that part.

Heals are now done based on the creature’s attack stat rather than a percentage of the creature’s max HP. Before, Grypo could heal half its health with its priority heal (whatever that was. i forget the name) now, it will heal only double its attack stat. Howerver, since heals done based off of a creature’s attack stat, by buffing the attack of a creature (via boosts or ferocity buffs) you increase the amount of healing that creature can do. For example, purrolyth. It has a base of 1K attack and it’s heal will give it back 2K. But when it uses Ferocious strike, its heal will then do 3K instead of 2K because its current attack is 1500.

Ah, gotcha. I thought you were meaning it was a turn-based thing. Thanks for the info

You have to level the cat, I’m doing the same, to have it at the level that I have to the rest of the team … and I recommend this beast, I love it.