What’s the mission after this one?

What’s the mission after this one? Gotta prepare for it.

I started this thread after I passed your mission, and things have changed due to the reshuffling of the unlocks. But here’s some things to work toward

Thanks Andy, i have all of these except trexes and dimorphodon, but i dont have dimorphodon unlocked yet. Hope there will be an event for it soon.


I Found those missions a bit confusing… I am lvl 79, and haven’t had any of these missions yet… So how long do these missions continue?? As of right now, when I am approaching the lvl cap of 85, these mission’s arent really relevant because of the pity awards you recieve from them… but for example, i still hold back on making the indominus because of the missions… but I just don’t seem to get the mission for having the T-rex’s…

There are 55 episodes, I can’t remember how many missions are in each episode 8-10? I just counted the few I have tracked and it ranges from 8-10 so there are a lot of them to complete.

is there a way to see what episode you are currently in? I only see the mission name, which is: “Taking the Bateson” which consists of:

-Buy and place an Apatosaurus Fossil.
-Have a Stegosaurus at level 40 (0/1)
-Place an Herbivore next to a Carnivore.

There’s quite a few missions and they don’t really relate to your park level, and there may be some changes to them since the ones posted on that thread. Not sure which T-Rex mission you mean, but I know when I completed all the original missions, there was one related to T-Rexes that I never seemed to get.

We also in that thread focused on the ones related to needing certain numbers of various creatures, as those are really important to know about so you leave them at lower levels to meet those numbers. In between those are lots of ones about collecting coins or having certain types of buildings. So while I was working on completing all the missions, I would tend to not feed creatures until I really needed to, and kept a pretty good stash of buildings in my market to place when needed, so I didn’t have to wait for them to be constructed, and then would pick them back up once the mission was completed.

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There isn’t any real comprehensive list of ALL the missions. There’s a sheet on my data spreadsheet someone started but it’s only got about 12 or so of the episodes. Would be great if someone would document all the missions but it just is a lot of work as many as there are.

One of us could start the game again from the beginning and make a documentation of all missions. Who wants to volunteer? :crazy_face:


Go right ahead, @Tommi


Let me think about it.:exploding_head:

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