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What’s the most trophies you can lose For one loss?


I guess the topic question explains it. I managed to climb to 4959 but after a huge run of bad luck (like everyone else I only lose to bad luck never inferior skill) ive fallen to 4800 and don’t wanna drop below 4750. What’s the most trophies you can lose for a single battle. I’d like to keep going as long as possible.


I lost a battle today against 28 average Dinos and cost me 41 or 47 trophies.Apparently he was below me in trophy range.Thats the most trophy lost i have encountered.

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48 was the worst loss


I believe that the most trophies you can drop by losing a single batlle is in the mid-forties. Have never dropped more than 45, maybe 46…


I have won 55, so I am assuming you can lose the same amount.


I think the total is 60 and it’s gets split by where you rank. So if you are both at the same trophy count winner would win 30 and other would lose 30. This is just my theory and I can’t confirm.