What’s The Official Name Of A Super Hybrid’s Hybrid & Additional Changes

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I’d like to get an official name for these new type of hybrids if possible please.

We have:

  • Non-Hybrid (creatures)
  • Hybrids (creature + creature)
  • Super Hybrids (hybrid + creature)
  • Apex (super hybrid + super hybrid)

Non-Hybrid = Common, Rare, & Epic. *Exception of Para Lux (Legendary).
Hybrids = Rare, Epic, & Legendary. *Exception Compsocaulus (Unique)
Super Hybrids = Epic, Legendary, & Unique.
??? = Albertospinos & Troodonboa.
Apex = Raid. *Exceptions Arctovasilas (Legendary + Unique) & Ankylos Lux (Legendary + Unique)

What about the 2 new creatures, Albertospinos and Troodoboa?

Spinotasuchus & Majundaboa are both already Super Hybrids. In the past that is where the end was. I’ve seen players dubbing them as Mega Hybrids. Is there a name you all will be using moving forward? Maybe I missed it?

Ludia has introduced new things that are changing up the “rules” we have always followed. It would be nice to have some communication on why things have changed from how they have been in the past. This is not to say these are not welcomed or that it’s disliked, but I am just curious as I believe a lot of the community is.

Some changes I’ve noticed are:

  • Dracoceratops & Monolometrodon being the only 2 Legendary that are built only from Common.
  • Indominus Rex Gen. 2, Indoraptor Gen. 2, & Scorpios Rex Gen. 2 being the only 3 Gen. 2 of Hybrids/Super Hybrids.
  • Para Lux becoming the first and only Legendary that is a Non-Hybrid.
  • Scorpios Rex Gen. 3 the first and only Gen 3.
  • Scorpios Rex Gen. 3 is a Super Hybrid of itself and keeps it’s name instead of using a new name as all others once they evolve.
  • Compsocaulus is the first and only Unique that is not a Super Hybrid.
  • Albertospinos & Troodonboa are the first Super Hybrids to create a Hybrid (aside from the 2 new fusible Apex.)

Thanks for any info. Do we call these 2 new Hybrids, Mega Hybrids? Are the Apex that are fusible called Ultra Hybrids?


I heard from someone with connections that they’re just gonna stick with “superhybrid” even for the new apexes and such, which I think is a terrible idea. My suggestion would have been megahybrid or ultrahybrid. I guess we as a community can call them whatever we like.


This is what I and many other people refer to them as:

Hybrid (non-hybrid + non-hybrid)

Superhybrid (hybrid + non-hybrid)

Megahybrid (superhybrid + anything)

However this doesn’t seem official as Ludia refers to the “megahybrid” Albertospinos as a superhybrid. It could be official that anything classifying as “megahybrid” is still a superhybrid, but it’s possible Ludia may have not made an official name for them at the moment.


The albertospinos and troodonboa would be a different category than the fusible apex. So ludia really has introduced 2 new classes.

I’d go with mega hybrid and ultra hybrid.

Calling everything a super hybrid is the easy way out.

I don’t like inconsistency and if things change that’s fine but let’s call them what they are.

Just like families:
Great grandson/great granddaughter
Second cousin
Third cousin
And so on.

You don’t call your great grandson your son just because it hit the point of not wanting to call him what he is.

They are not the only non superhybrids, but they might be the only ones that use two commons?

You would think they wouldn’t want to miss the marketing opportunity

Yes you’re correct I did make a mistake there. They are the only legendary that are built from only commons. I’ll update my original post. Thanks!

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You do not need to name them, they already have their rarity, although Majundaboa and Spinotasuchus are superhybrids as they say, they are still epic and legendary, and their new hybrids are unique, it does not matter if they are hybrids, superhybrids or megahybrids, the rarities are common, rare, epic, legendary, unique and apex.

So why does ludia call some a hybrid and others a super hybrid?

Superhybrid seems to be the term for any hybrid made using another hybrid. The term is used the same way in JWTG.

What is a super hybrid + a super hybrid or a super hybrid + a hybrid?

Ludia seems to call them superhybrids as of now, but many people use terms like megahybrids, ultrahybrids, hyperhybrids, etc.

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No problem! I do like how you’ve documented every time ludia has broken the “rules”. The weird thing is they don’t do it consistently: they do everything like once or twice, then go back to business as usual. Like they do Scorpius Gen 3, but no more. Not that I want them to though :sweat_smile:

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Non Hybrids (Not hybrid)
Hybrids (Non-Hybrid + Non-Hybrid)
Super Hybrids (Hybrid + Non-Hybrid)
Ultra Hybrids (Hybrid + Super Hybrid)

And then there’s Albertospinos and Troodoboa. They are Super Hybrid + Non Hybrid, so they aren’t the same as Mega-Hybrids, which means they should get a different name than the Ultra Hybrids. Since they are Non Hybrid + Super Hybrid, I can answer your question.