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What’s the point in PVP?

In the past day this is all I am getting. This matchmaking is absurd.

The first one is gonna happen no matter what. It’s the advantage tournament. the second one just happens. Sometimes you can win, sometimes you can’t. I won against a 5100 hp quetz with 160 speed and a 159 erlidom and a 154 mags with over 4500 hp. I won with just my 6600hp max, my 5400 hp tryko, and unboosted level 29 monostego

You don’t usually play these types of people unless in tourneys. Otherwise I would be in marshes.

Looking at his team for the second one, i’d say that situation shouldn’t be happening at all. Thats a lv 29 boosted magna in Jurassic Ruins (?). There’s no way players from that arena are going to be able to stand up to that thing.

But i do agree on the advantage tournament. It happens. especially when everyone starts at different times.

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I have quite a lot of members in Ruins and it’s swarming teams like that currently… now watch people arguing that dropping doesn’t make sense due to them getting lesser rewards and boosts
Still it’s a fact. So either lesser rewards don’t bother them or someone at Ludia messed up the coding again and went home early for a long weekend


Id be glad it wasn’t indo2

Criticism aside, I really do hope that Ludia fixes the matchmaking in both tourneys and battle arenas. Not only has the state of matchmaking been deteriorating (started mainly when boosts were first introduced) it also discourages more and more players to just give up in PVP. If I was a game developer company I wouldnt wanna be losing potential money spenders.

The point of PVP is to purchase as much DNA, Boosts, specials as you can. The player with the highest boosted OP dinosaurs wins.

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