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What’s The Point of A Boss?

I’m actually quite close to unlocking Omega 09 for myself with some Daily Missions away. What’s the point of having one? Can you use them in Daily Battle Events and Tournaments? Or are they reserved only for use in Boss Events? Can you place them in your park too? Will Omega 09 ruin my game balance or that doesn’t matter since you can only use Bosses in Boss events anyway?

Bosses have a hug footprint in the park. They can only be used in the new boss battles. It’s a separate thing, like having aquatic creatures.

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I ask myself this everytime I log in to the game :joy:

In all seriousness though the boss allows you to play events to get a chance of obtaining locked copies of certain creatures that arent part of the unlock rotation.

If you win these events then theres a chance of the limited edition pack which contains all the limited creatures released pre-tupuxuara


It looks cool

You get some ok rewards for hitting certain level up milestones

Not a whole lot other than that TBH


None. Might as well not have it, doesnt make any difference whatsoever.


Boom man! This is how we should do

The point of having one is this when you do a boss event and you kill a creature you prize tier rises so the point of having a boss is to rise your prize tier and get good rewards I’v seen videos of it

Except even on the best tier, the rewards are 90% in favor of coins and food.

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Pain to level up lolimage

I have a boss up to level 30, but I`ve never done a boss battle. As far as I can tell, the rewards are not good enough, especially with the dino buck cost. If the better rewards had a higher chance of hitting, I would be more interested in trying them. Until then, the bosses are just neat little attractions in my park.