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What’s the point of gen 2s?

They only point I think is to give us useless dna or Ludia just wants to raise the amount of dinosaurs with little to no effort 95% of them are just a downgrade with a reskin with like 2 exceptions. There is one hybrid that requires a gen 2. I would rather have dinosaurs switch skins when they reach a certain level. The gen 2s should just be removed and replaced with new dinosaurs


Erlik gen 2 is awesome until I get some legendaries

Tying in with the movies - to show the first Gen of dinos from Jurassic Park movies era and the 2nd from Jurassic World movies I guess?
But these creatures are the ones that help in raising our player level.
The game is still new so maybe there will be some hybrids that will use these Gen 2 dinos in near future.

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I think they should make hybrids that use Gen 2. The’re working on one with Sarcosuchus and Einasuchus, showing that they know about the garbage status of sarcosuchus.

Some are actually faster, like monolophosaurus and baryonyx, to name a couple without looking through them all to confirm.

I think the point of them is to also make certain “Classic” dinos more common, like Rex and trike, instead of them only being rare and epic. Funny thing is I see epic TRex way more than rare gen 2.