What’s the point of Legendary bow?

Well? What’s the point? All the other bows seem to offer more?

Poor design in the name of balancing legendary with other more common bows.

There are some perfectly valid points:

  1. Ensuring the probability of you receiving a useful Legendary is diminished, thus prompting you to spend more gems when you happen to see good ones offered in the store/packs.
  2. Making sure you pay attention to the game, and realize that blindly equipping all Legendary items is a really bad idea.

At level 4, it hits all enemies across all zones. At 50% proc, I see a number of players using it.

its not any good until its up to lvl 4 and then it hits all 3 zones. however with other weapons now more easily being leveled up way past where legendaries are at its going to be a toss up on if the bow is even worth it compared to say an epic bow at lvl 20+ or common axes at 20+. If they made legendaries ACTUALLY legendary the bow would be better. But with the drop rates still being so abysmally low most high end people are moving onto using non legendary items as it would take YEARS to get enough legendary bows to upgrade it to the next level to compete with normal items now which are way more easily farmable

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The real question is “What’s the point of legendary Breastplates”