What’s the point of level locking multi fuse?

I just feel like this is a dumb thing, and have thought it was dumb since it came out. I can’t seem to find a point in locking it behind a level wall besides forcing players to kill their fingers when mass fusing. I have so much einiasuchus and sarco dna for rixis but I already have it at level 20. I might just be lazy, but even though I have the dna and the want to level it, I just find it boring to sit there for an hour fusing.


I don’t understand it either, but I guess the idea is you have to earn the convenience…

I think a better system would be a graduated multi-fuse unlock. Like, at level 8, you gain the 5x, then the next at 11, 14, 17, and finally 20. Sure, you could just hand them all at once, but I do think it helps contribute to an actual sense of “progression” as you level, and realistically you don’t really need the bigger fuse options until you’re level 15+ anyway.

Probably to prevent xp farming by mulitfusing purrolyth or something easy for easy levels.

You can’t even afford it until like lvl 13. Seriously it costs from 100 to 250,000. It a lot. I can’t really afford it at level 20 for like legendaries and up.

This, this is one of their level restrictions that makes sense. Level plays a role in the size of rewards you can earn in many end game activities.

Fusing rare hybrids is one of the most cost effective ways to power level in this game. So it makes since something that makes that easy is restricted to higher levels.

For higher levels it’s a quality of life improvement… for lower levels it would become a leveling tool.

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