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What’s the point of solo raids taunting

Honestly what is the point of solo raids like carnotaurus Bajadasaurus and the forgotten wooly mammoth raid they don’t have any minions and they taunt like what is the point of them taunting if they don’t have any minions ok hadro lux and Mammothrium I get they have minions but the ones that don’t have minions there taunt is useless because they are the only one there


It does make no scene but then again Ludia coded it to where bosses have taunt if they use that move.

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But taunt is only useful for teammates, minions and the raid itself but solo raids like the carnotaurus they don’t have any minions so what is the point of them taunting

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What’s the point of writing additional code for something that won’t happen in the majority of raids?

Coding taunt to work in raids the exact same way reduces the amount of reusable code needed and decreases the amount of potential bugs/errors.


I mean… raids were meant to be played with multiple people. Yes even the rare raids. No point in coding taunt to not activate when solo. Just something else that could mess up and make harder raids more difficult


Lol in what way was the Woolly Mammoth raid a solo raid? :joy: I know you mean they don’t have minions, but you caught me off guard at first.

In all seriousness, it’s probably just because it would be too hard to do an entirely different interface just for raids you choose to do by yourself. I would like it if taunt applied some kind of additional effect, even in PVP, but I can’t for the life of me think of a good option for that.

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