What’s the point?


So I spend hours of my day, waiting those long-time incubators, walking here and there, evolving my dinos and no one can see me or them, because I’m part of the millions people who start played only at the public release and we will NEVER be able to beat the Beta Players, the game doesn’t even have public battle gyms, and Ludia don’t remove the Beta Players from the global ranking. Ok yes the AR feature is awesome, the game is kinda fun despite its bugs, unstable connection etc, but the majority of players (the new ones like me) have no incentive to continue to take the trouble to evolve their dinos, very expensive gold costs that increase more and more and the will to play goes away


I’m new and I win battles all the time


So get yourself to the top 50, try to beat that players who started months ago. I wonder how long it will take for new players, me, to get an Indominus Rex.


You cannot make all players equal. Somebody always will have stronger dinos than you, be it beta players or whales. If you don’t like multiplayer game, then there are plenty of a single player games.


why worry about the bots the top players are always either from the beta or are bots there’s no point in trying to be the top sure you can probably battle and win your way into the top 50 but lets be honest if the game was too easy we’d be complaining for them to make it harder. just enjoy the game for what it is as it is now


Rather be non-top 500 and actually beat anyone with versatile decks vs either an ‘op’ ai with +22 level dinosaurs (and oh boy, thats challenging) or full on speed decks… And none of your 3 out of the 8 counters in your dino team made it into the battle.

Thats top 200 rn lol, its hilarious. As for new players you don’t have to be ‘the very best’; you just have to beat yourself. If you can reach at least arena 6 within the next month you will be a hero. Reaching the highest arenas possible is your challenge; reaching the top 500 is just a cherry on the cake.

Sooner or later additional features will be introduced, don’t worry. You will have your time to shine elsewhere. Just have fun and evolve, level and explore as much as you can. You will need it!


I’ve only just started this week, I am in level 2 and and been able to meld several guys. Just keep upgrading what you have. Get a raptor. You just have to learn what to use.