What’s the problem?

I don’t see the problem with the new short range spawn system. Can someone please explain?

We’re in the middle of a global pandemic.


Yes but why does that matter? Doesn’t it make it better because certain dinos spawn closer?

not really. this new thing limits some dinosaurs from being found int the 200m radius
they can only be found inside your circle
which means we have to walk around

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You need to walk to spawn points as normal. They don’t spawn on top of you like scents.

Also, who in their right mind would hunt for Para Lux at NIGHT during WINTER and ON FOOT. That just sounds like an accident waiting to happen.


Is this bad?

yea, its bad.

But why? You get more time to dart them if it’s inside the circle…

yes, because now you have to walk around in order to get anything in your inner circle

and: winter

But you still get to dart them, no?

No? We don’t?

You realize it doesn’t have to be in the inner circle to dart it

Yes it does. That’s literally what short spawns are. They only spawn from proximity spawn points once it’s within your inner circle.

You realise short range spawns only appear in the small circle? As in, you need to walk over to them. And we’ve already explained why that is a bad idea now.

Ohhhhh so it just doesn’t show up on the map until it’s in the small circle?

That is correct.

Ok I see now. Can this post get closed?

Closed at OP’s request