What’s the use of playing this anymore?

So, I played every day, admittedly not putting that much money into the game but slowly increasing my team stats, getting new creatures and winning trophies through a few games. I also contribute considerably to my alliance missions. My reward?
My score goes up a few hundred points by winning battles then I’m matched against opponents with higher stat dinos and that pesky rat, often with a health that I can’t hope to defeat. If I make a dent in it, it just regenerates or stuns me, runs away and comes back later to take me out. As a result, I can lose many games in a row before clawing back up to my previous score then getting hit again.
There’s no skill in using that damned rat all the time. Oh and before anyone has a go at me for moaning, I’m probably one of the game’s older players, at 64. I appreciate profits need to be made and don’t expect to win every time. I even appreciate my losses to an obviously more skilful player and would salute them if such a feature was available in-game. I’m just disillusioned by what was a good game being broken by an overpowered rat above my level.




I feel your pain , but unfortunately Ludia seems to love the rat .
It’s not going anywhere !
I won’t use it and I know that’s to my detriment .


Hello. Make different goals for yourself with this game.
Keep on collecting DNA and wait it out for this dracorex to get nerfed the way you want it to.
Keep requesting DNA for things that do not have a unique yet and then in the next update you will have the hottest best new strong dino.

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Create and level up dinos that can take out rat. Now tanks with high hp can take out rat, cause opponent miscalculates.

Pay attention how much damage rat do, so you know how much health your dino need to tank SI Rampage. Use dino that can do a lot of damage first that rat runs with low health, then when you know your dino in battle has low health and they will use rat use full health dino (of course if you have one) that has counter attack.

It’s annoying, but it’s possible to take out that rat.


Thanks. I do already do most of that. I’m level 14 and my Smilodon can take out a rat of just under 2500hp with its precise pounce. Thing is, I’ve won and lost games with just a few points left. There’s fun and a skill in that but the rat means everything, even at my level has to get swapped out around 2000.

This. I don’t care for hybrids (other than the two canon ones) nor climbing the Arena. I’ve set myself the task of leveling all prehistoric animals to 20th and I’ll just have fun playing with dinosaurs. Win or lose.


Is the rat overpowered?

  • Yes.

Does it need nerfing?

  • Questionable. You see, there will ALWAYS be an overpowered dino. I don’t care how tightly you balance a game, the min-max players will always find an angle to gain an advantage. Last patch it was Cloaks and Evades that got the nerf-hammer. If the rat got nerfed, there would be complaints about the next best dino.

I have complete sympathy for Alan if he hasn’t been able to get his own DC yet and is having to fight against them. That’s a tough position to be in.

However, I don’t have any sympathy for people who refuse to make or use a Dracoceratops and then come on the forums and complain about losing to them.

If a player goes into battle with a dagger and cloth armor when there are swords, plate armor, rifles, kevlar suits, teflon bullets, grenades and nuclear weapons available to them, then they better not whine about how the battle is unfair. The opponents aren’t killing them. Their own inflated ego and desire for martyrdom is.

DC is a game-changer.
If you choose not to use it then that is your right.
But, (in my opinion) if you do that then you give up the right to whine about losing to them.


What made the problem of DC bigger are boosts, at first I could do the math.I’m in Lockwood, what I saw where DC at about lvl 23/ 24. So I knew what the ’ safe zone ’ was with the Hp of my dino. Today nobody knows because of the boosts.

And that makes it more frustrating I guess.


True… and also, the combination of Draco + chompers. Yes, it’s good that Draco doesn’t break through defenses anymore, but what’s the point? If no tanks can one shot it and then the player can just swap out, send a chomper to destroy the tank or at least weaken it for Draco to kill it anyway… I’ve benefitted from Draco’s small nerf with my Stegod and Utasino, but rarely.

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Dracoceratops did get nerfed. It got downgraded to regular rampage…

If your team can’t handle a rampage move then the fault is your team.

Period end of story now


If the made it so cleanse would not get rid of the 2 round inability to swap, that would fix everything. Honestly this would. That would ensure most could take it out before it could be swapped out.


Oh well, if I’d known it was as easy as that, I wouldn’t have bothered writing the post!


i refuse to use that dracoceratops. That abomination as well as Thor have ruined the PVP fun for me…oh yeah and the stat boost on top of them. i just lose a lot in a row and finally win. i don’t mind losing trophies, i just want to fill my incubator slots. my highest trophy count was 4895 then boost happened. Now i’m barely sitting above 3600.


Cool hind site is 20 20 eh?

Tryko can kill Draco. When you reach higher levels, Draco is just one of the gang. Erlid, Thora and Magna plus Erlikospyx all are more triggering than that DracoRat

Well, many of the higher levels of this game around here would disagree with you… Of course these are all monsters, and way better than the rat, but the SI DSR is just too strong now with attack boosts… Not to mention that nothing can one shot a higher level one without a crit … Erli, Magna, Dilo and Spyx, all you need to do is spit on them to do a little damage, ANY damage, and send the rat to kill them… It’s lame that such creatures that are so hard to make are taken out so easily by this rat that everyone can have at high level with little effort…


I somehow disagree. Draco isnt a problem. I have more trouble with Erlid than Draco. Draco cannot sweep my team without help. Erlid literally can run over my team from first move.

the max Draco can do is like 4.5k damage. That means the poor soul has really a weak team and will prob be easy pickings.

My lvl 30 Draco pretty much is a 2 shot by any Thora. Tenoto will have trouble. Erlid at my level 1 shot my Draco. 4.7k hp, SIR damage 4k. Its good but not my MVP. That would be Thora and Tryko. Even Magna.

Dang you don’t use boosts and you don’t use Draco? How do you win at all?! :thinking:

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Any tank makes quick work of Erli… “two shot” a Draco is too late. It’s gone by then, unless you send… a Draco!

If you’re talking about level 30 teams, ok… but then you’re talking about, what, 1% of the players probably… If the opponent has a Draco at ONE level higher, it’s enough to make one’s life a living hell in most matches, by swapping in and out…

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