What’s up with sorna marshes?

I’ve been playing this game pretty much since release, and climbing ranks on the arena was easy until sorna marshes. There, I got stuck on the 3100-3200 for about a month, while veeeery slowly climbing. Now, that’s absolutely fine with me, because at sorna, the arena started to be fun and interesting, and more of a challenge than on the previous areas. So during the next two and a half months I managed to climb to 3500 with a ton of effort and a ton of grinding, and for a few weeks I pretty much settled there (always a bit under 3500 but never under 3400).

Yet (and I don’t know if this has anything to do with the tournament being close to an end or a sudden rise in droppers, which seems to be some sort of trend lately) on the last couple of weeks I’ve been pushed back to 3000-3100 and its been impossible to push back up. I keep facing opponents with dinos that should be over 3500, not once in a while but constantly.

Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this. Also, is dropping actually useful? I remember the incubators on lower arenas, and they were pretty crappy compared to the amount of dna you get on the more advanced ones.

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My guess is it’s the tournament and the bigger trophies range that is making Sorna Marshes more competitive.

  • The game launched couple of months back and a huge chunk of the players are in Sorna Marshes by now.
  • Due to tournament reset, all the higher trophies got reset to 3500. Many of them are still in Sorna Marshes and still struggling to reach Jurassic Ruins.
  • Many people used to play this game for fun and focus on collecting/building random dinos. Now because of tournament, people have started focusing more on their battle team.
  • People are spending more money/grinding dino DNA with an aim to reach 4000 because of the tournament resulting in a stronger teams.

Makes sense! I’ve been thinking now and maybe it also has something to do with the special Dinos from the past weekend. I’ve been seeing a lot of overpowered Nodopatos and stegoceratops lately, and those are pretty much the dinos you need to advance to sorna. I didn’t get the chance to catch some on the past weekend so I’m suddenly in a big disadvantage. Thanks for the input!

Having the same issue, i’ve constantly been hanging around the 3300 mark, but yesterday i took a massive nose dive down to lockdown and then took a furtherdive down to about 2900, couldnt win in lockdown either. Been in Sorna for weeks for this to happen is so disheartening. getting fed up with it really.

Only just reached the Marshes today. Climbed back up to 3000 trophies, and might just hover there for a bit while i collect 3 8-hour incubs and try to hit some strike towers to buff up my team.

I hear that this is where i will start seeing lots of indom and i-raptor as well, maybe a lot more stegod.

I may need to pay for extra coin, so i can level up.

can we see your teams? if you dont have a decent team ofc you wont win sorry. from the start, i always worked on my team and would not battle untill i was ready. i know what i can beat and what i cant then i work on getting what i need to advance to the next level.

Yes, same here been going up and down sorna for quite some time. Up to 3.4K a fee days ago then back to 3.1K by losing like 8 matches in a row. Checking my opponents teams nowadays almost everyone has stegodeus and indominus rex at least. I’ve also faced almost full legendaries teams.

stegodeus and irex are just the basics. it gets worse lol. if you dont have them, get them and youll see the difference

Pretty much what I have noticed is pre tournament lvl 15 epics was enough to have fun in sorna now it’s more like lvl 18 to 20 legendaries

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This is my current team roster. I’m almost ready to start fusing Indominus, and am stockpiling raptor DNA instead of levelling her to 19. Most of my current squad did very well in Lockdown.

Any changes i should make in preparation for the Marshes?

you have 5 there that i have never used although i do have gigaspikasaur. you need irex which you are working on. another tank in stegodeus. only really need two gorgo types. use raptor speed and damage for now but at some point you should shelf him too. jmo

my current team isnt the greatest but it suits me for where im at 4200 trophies.

That one’s nodopatosaurus. I haven’t started Giga yet. And i have been considering Stegod.

yeah, i meant that they are close to the same

Oh. That’s what i thought, but i was making sure it wasn’t a case of mis-identification.

I’m really wanting that Tryostronix. I’ve heard that good old Zombiesaurus can really put the hurt on an opponent.

my suggestion is get a feel for what you like but dont be afraid to shelf what doesnt work. and if you are serious about winning then you have to go on the hunt to build your team. stegodeus giga monostego irex alot of those can be easily obtained.

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The issue, imho, is that the events are making it easier to earn money and get your hands on hard to find DNA. So people who were close to a point skyrocketed and if you didnt keep up with the 6 hour a day crowd you lost a significant amount of ground. I was 4200 pre tournament, Ive been as high as 3984 now but Ive notices an influx of the hard to acquire dinos when the events offer their components


Yeah, it’s difficult to go on night hunts when you work mainly night shifts. I get what you’re saying totally. And even on my days off, i still don’t get to hit better hunting spots outside my zone, due to adulting.

thats where the seperation lies unfortunately…