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What’s with Wild Woodland 18

What am I missing with this level? My team is currently 3819 the level is 3500 and I’m getting consistently wiped out, easily. It’s getting pretty old just redoing the repeatable quests over and over to try to get my level even higher and it’s feeling more than a little ridiculous at this point that I’m still barely seeing improvement when I attempt the level.

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What’s your team? Are you stacking strong colors?

This is almost by design, so you would spend runes to keep making progress. Once you go past this level you’d be cruising for another 10 levels or so, and then this will happen again. I’m on Mysterious Marshlands 50/56. My bp is 4910 and enemy roster is 4700. There are four waves and I can’t even make it through the first wave without losing 3-4 dragons of mine. I’m very frustrated and upset just like you.

Typically this happens with 3-4 waves of enemy foes, and with
AOE and healing power moves. Since they accumulate spirit faster than players, especially for those slower moves, they can be quite strong.

Stacking strong colors like @Talisax is saying could help, assuming you have multiple trained dragons of the same color, but the effectiveness of that is rather limited.

The easiest way out is to spend 100 runes to power through the level, or spend runes to draft stronger dragons and more runes to train and level them up, or keep grinding away at the repeatable tasks till the bp of your roster is significantly higher than that of the enemy foe. Sadly none of the three sound awfully inviting.


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Win need alot of things

  • you only have 5 dragon meanwhile you will fight against 9-18 dragon. So the power doesn’t mean much :))
  • tile apearance
  • dragon ability ( which one use first ) and also the speed to generate spirit
  • color of dragon
  • enemy dragon attack “randomly”
  • enemy ability
  • enemy dragon’s position
  • missplay
  • miss and critical damge
  • luck
  • luck
  • and luck
    Sometimes the first round is powerful than the last round ( HP atk def … )

Another strategy is to charge your specials by shooting at blank areas. This is especially useful at the end of waves so you can go to the next with all 5 ready to fire


Does this game give you “double” the spirit for shooting in blank areas like other match 3 games? I have noticed any large gain in spirit when I shoot in blank areas…still trying to figure this out.

I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think so

All I have to add is that the choke points really blow. I dislike this pattern of easy-easy-easy-easy-full stop in the exploration mode. Would much prefer either that the challenges surprise us or build in difficulty toward the boss. Also the match-3 board itself is dull; it seems like they could come up with some more creative features. The “bomb” ability of the Screaming Death at the end of Wild Woodlands is a big nothingburger.

Also, in case it wasn’t discussed elsewhere or wasn’t clear, I think the reason that it’s being suggested to shoot tiles to charge only and not to hit is that whenever you hit enemy dragons, they gain spirit, so the only way to avoid that is to match tiles without hitting them. Sorry if I’m stating the obvious — it’s something I only learned recently :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank you and that info about not shooting the dragons wasn’t obvious at all! That will definitely have me changing tactics.

Same trouble with Wild Woodland 18

So, I am the only one who could pass with a team with BP<min I guess.

I think… When it comes down to it, only a balanced team + strategy can get you anything.

(And I believe that, by now, you must have won the level in question.)

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