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What’s yer Dino?

Same here @Snake_Dude.

I mean every Dino gamer boy would consider spinosaur as one of their faves.



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Noice. My favorite weird herbivore would be Deinocheirus.

It’s just my favorite Dino in general

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Yeah, I know.

Another new question: How would you imagine your habitat?

Mine would be: River That’s just outside a tropical rainforest, or inside a
tropical rain forest.

As In your favorite Dino or yourself?

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In yourself, But you can do in your Dino as well.

My little girl Chungkingosaurus, by far my favorite dinosaur after I saw a video about it a few years ago. When I saw she would make it to Jurassic World Evolution I almost had a heart attack :pleading_face:
I also like Carcharodontosaurus

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Hmm, my habitat… probably a little bit of forest, lots of grassland, a lake or river, and some of my kind. Or a rainforest, full of amazing wildlife, or gimme a coral reef. I love animals, so something with many astonishing animals and features. I’d also like a savanna

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Everyone would consider A river in their habitat Lol

@anon55075642, If I were a raptor… I’d build a den Near the river, And the river is an area between The trees, And it’s not supposed To be covered by trees. And right beside my Den Is A An area with grass and no trees.

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I said if I were a raptor, But I’m actually a raptor… I’m a spinoraptor.

stygidaryx, blue, suchotator

Uhm buddy, i live near the Arctic and can say I don’t think a polar bear weighs 500lbs

I have also engaged in sarcasm

My fav ingame is tied for Eddie and utarinex. My fav irl is parasaur. It’s too cute not to like

ark may or may not have influenced this. :wink:

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Yeah, polar bears are 330-550 lb(female) and males are up to 990 lb

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Yah, para is so cute :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Um u sure bout that? Lemme check