What’s your favourite dino in game? (Just for fun) 😁 share a picture


Mines now this fella ! Mine always was dilophosaurus but this hybrid is now my favourite ! Love the colours!


There needs to be more utasinoraptor appreciation posts lol.

Diloranosaurus is my 2nd fav :heart_eyes: Waiting for someone to say the diplotator.


I don’t have him yet!!! Just shy of getting him!! I don’t purchase incubators so it’s a longer wait but I’m level 14 now and still don’t have him but have lots of other legendarys . I suppose once I try him out I’ll fall in love hahaha .

Though he is super tough in battle at any level but above 18 yikes


Are we talking purely aesthetically pleasing or ability in the arena? Aesthetically the two you guys mentioned are great but have you seen spinotasuchus? Her coloring is crazy cool.


Overall favourite- look and toughness :+1: kinda a mix of both


I’m obsessed with raptors and without a doubt, my favourite type is this sweetheart. Check out the plumage on that. :grin:


My girl :heart_eyes:


I don’t battle with him… but I gottago with this little dude…


Not today but I used to look legit before gone out of shape.