What’s your favourite dinosaur in Jurassic world the game and why?

Mine is nundasuchus because 1:it’s an amphibian and your enemy is almost guaranteed to have a carnivore 2: it has 600 health and 150 attack(rounding) and 3: ITS 700!


Theres so many to choose from so il do it by class and tourney non hybrids.

(Decision made with both looks and stats)

Carnivore - metriacanthosaur

Herbivore - dracorex

Pterosaurs - ornithoceirus

Amphibians - gryposuchus

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Don’t know favorite, but Top 5 are Para Gen 2, Nodosaurus, Dunkleosaurus and Kentrosaurus (final evolution) and Spinosaurus (1st evolution). All cus of design as opposed to in game usefulness


Megalosaurus… since it was the first Tournament creature I ever unlocked.

Tyrannosaurus… since getting it for the first time, was the first thing ever to motivate me to carry on with JWTG.

Postosuchus… since it carried my entire former Lineup’s amphibious burden in all the Pterosaur Unlock events until the Metoposaurus, Prestosuchus and Mastodonsaurus took the reins.

Scaphognathus… since it proved to me that “Unlock Via Special Event” is just a minor barrier to still maxing some creatures that you haven’t unlocked.

Suchomimus… I missed having him in JPB when it was alive, and seeing him maxed in this game brought a lot of joy to me.

Sarcosuchus… the crocodile everyone admires, even though it was locked I managed to get a few maxed copies as well as make its hybrid.

Yutyrannus and Troodon… since I had them in JPB and seeing them here brought me a lot of joy; also because I never knew I would unlock them both this year itself, and their vicious hybrid.

Lythronax… since I loved it in first sight itself, I haven’t unlocked it but cannot wait.

Rajasaurus… since… Rajasaurus.

Indominus Rex… the Hybrid that inspired the rise of my Dominator teams.

Eolambia and Eudimorphodon… the only two VIP creatures I had, they were level 14 (single copies) who along with Indominus carried me to Dominator League in the Brachiosaurus Tournament. Even in the absence of amphibians.

Brachiosaurus… Oh, the pain it gave me during its Tournament hahah.

Prestosuchus… since the time I first got it in Custom Trades and had a spree since, currently my most used Amphibians in Tournaments.

Indoraptor… my first Super-Hybrid.

(The list isn’t done but I think I might stop here hehe)

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THANKS GUYS FOR ALL THE REPLYS!! I’ll make sure to take all of you into consideration



Now, to clarify, i dont have any,

why? you figure it out. Its not hard…

Herbivore :Parasaurolophus gen 1 and gen 2: i love him since i was a kid
Brachiosaure: It’s…It’s a dinosaure scene and i just got it for christmas (best present ever)
Carnivore :Indominus rex gen 2: extremely cool level 40 model
T rex: iconic dinosaure
Carnoraptor:such a cool hybrid(model and stat)
Troodon:so pretty
Erliphosaurus :so colorful
Clever girl(raptor):just love him from movie
Amphibian :gorgosuchus: love model
Pterosaur : metriaphodon: such a good hybrid a pure glass canon
Pteranodon (pecky eyes):from jurassic park 3

Although parasaurolophus and indominus rex gen 2 are my favorite dinosaure in this game

i don’t have favorites all of them are useful to me :pensive:


Segnosaurus: great tournament glass cannon
Kaprosuchus : strongest non gen two land super rare
Aerotitan: bearded glass cannon flier
Monolophosaurus: op rare
Prionosuchus: i love strong things
Quetzalcoatlus: such great stats for being a super rare
Ostaposaurus: muscle strong guy
Alangasaurus: dinosaur that helped me a LOT
Tyrannosaurus Gen 2: one of the greatest dinos ever released
Indominus rex both gen 1 and 2: their beautiful animations are loved by everyone
Prestosuchus: the nightmare of every carnivore
Therizinosaurus: wonderful giant claw boy
Proterogyrinus: such great stats for this unknown dino
Tapejalosaurus: wayyy to OP for a rare hybrid
Spinotasuchus: such great animations for this glass cannon carnivore
Indoraptor: well, this thing can one- shot almost everything; everyone’s late game dream
Cerazinosaurus: my dream tournament hybrid : my late game aim
Andrewsarchus: even being weak, one of the first legendaries i received
Geosaurus: OP thing with OP attack
Elasmosaurus: good health/attack/dna cost purpose
Plesiosuchus: op tournament cave i don’ t wanna finish the game without having one or having it unlocked
Umoonasaurus: it is soo cute
My preferred dinosaurs were those, and to everyone: HAPPY 2021! Hoping that CoVid goes to hell.

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Alangasaurus: I was so happy when I got it maxed up
Carnoraptor: Looked cute in this picture when I got her and she’s a bargain

Spinoraptor: it is unique as it quacks
Parasaurolophus gen 2: it reminds me of the amazing bio luminescent paras in Camp Cretaceous
Indoraptor: looks really cool and it has my favourite animation


Indoraptor also kills EVERY dinosaur in the game in 3 hits or less (including gorgosuchus) at level 40

And finally
Metriaphodon: will be my first tourney hybrid

I probably have more but I’ll add them in when I think of them


Looks: Concavenator and Baryonyx. both are definitely oversized, but that just makes them cooler. their spikes and colors at level 40 are so freaking good.
General: I definitely like the strength of the Rajastega. Probably the best starter epic hybrid.


Prestosuchus by far, I joined vip because of a 11k lp trade offer for her. I think she was even my first jurassic vip too from pack.
Looks wise really love Dracorex.


Firstly alangasaurus: too powerful for battles below 40. Prionosuchus, so cutee cause of its mouth. Aerotitan, cause a max lvl is awsome designed cause of its icy beard, eolombia, soo cute cause of its pickly skin, like jelly plum, prestosuchus, my top dino and my first vip, monolophosaurus, op for a rare and my first rare also​:sunglasses:, into aquatic : dakosaurs, cause its so op! + geosaurus, mosasaurs, what a beauty!, konch, i meaned onchopristis, cause a surface shield, Cenozoic : amiphycion, oh man so beautiful, andrew, i meant andrewsarchus, and quackas, meand spinoraptor looks like duck!, super hybrids : spinatosuchus and indoraptor! So beautiful designed, there may be some spelling mistakes but don’t look at it :sunglasses:, thks!


Not going to cheat and list multiple creatures but pick just one that I’d consider my very very favorite. Didn’t have to think long on this… the hybrid I so often affectionately refer to as the “deer cat”… Smithetoceras. For several reasons, not the least of which is that it is a play off of my favorite prehistoric creature, the saber-toothed Smilodon. Strongest attack in the cenos so my little herd of kitties get a lot of use on a daily basis. And it’s the only non-VIP creature that I ever spent LPs on to purchase.


There was an option to purchase it with LP at one point then? How much did it cost? I’d be tempted by these offers especially with creatures like megarchelon

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They used to come up for me in the TH from time to time, yes. Can’t say for sure if they still do, it’s unlocked for me now so that might have some effect on getting offers to buy it. I believe it was 16,500 LPs… which when I compare it to the closest comparable VIP, the Thyla, and a copy of one of those being 10-11K, it’s a pretty good trade.


Okay, I have to take it back what I said about Dracorex earlier.
So, I got Jurassic World Evolution for Christmas and Dracorex is such a drama queen in it. :sob: Escaped 3 times under 5 minutes (haven’t unlocked the electric fence upgrade yet).
My husband rushed to my side when he heard me saying some words, to laugh at my misfortune with glee, then he recognised that it was ‘that’ dino. It turned out he pre-tested the game (just in case) before gifting it to me. He can never remember dinos for the life of him, but Dracorex made an impression.
After the 3rd escape I was contemplating a minor accident (by transporting her to the ceratosaurus cage instead).


Life, summarised in two sentences :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well my favourite dinosaur is indoraptor gen 2 cuz it’s crazy OP man also armourmata it OP too and gorgosuchus and also metriaphodon I have all of the dinos except armourmata

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