What’s your place in the game?


Just felt like posting places get to know who’s what player! I’m obviously DinoLord in the game II’m ready to hit 3500 and I’m waiting to add money for the cheap offer before I do another match lol

Best time to buy is leveling up and going to different stages the first time!


Btw don’t buy their incubators !!!


Don’t even know what to say, but…okay.:thinking:

I’m definitely Tarbosaurus. You can see me somewhere at day time.
By the way, I got best 40% base critical chance, wish you all make good use of me.:t_rex:


Guess he wanted to talk about ingame Ranks … just for fun? lol


I love my tarby, I overlooked it til levelled up a bit then thought wow


You go girl! Tarbo was my favorite in early arenas and I still miss her…


Is this asking the question of what our “spirit” dinosaurs are?


Dino lord… I am stuck om 3300… To many level 20 opponents! I am trying to bulk my team up before any more battles. What does yoir team look like?


I’m at 2366 trophies and very happy about it! I don’t have used Tarbo never, but I use little bit underlevelled Velociraptor (but works well with my team what have 4 Raptors) Raptors are so cute and I want use almost all! Raptors in my team is Veloci, Utah, Delta and Pyro! And nickname in game is SeOnAnsa !


Im ELITERaboSaur, just hit 3690 elo xd


Keep bouncing between 3100 and 3250 only made top 500 once last week. Wish they would put your world ranking on your account no matter where you are.


Here’s some pics of my Dino’s! I’m pretty much done game now Though! Tired of bots and spoofers now playing game ruining it people generating coin
I have a lot of epics and some legendarys I have most the DNA for just missing a few DNA to unlock. I’ve never ever bought anything but 1 6$ incubator and dino bucks to speed up and coins to level Dino’s it’s too the point where the game is pointless unless you dish in 100$ a week it’s lame this game and the bots lots of issues it won’t last long took me since beta now I’m annoyed with the game play terribly

Best of luck playing though
See where it is in a month or two


I’m leaving game at this level ! Game sucks now over run with bots and people spoofing and generating coin now ! Best of luck LOL

DinoLord out


I will miss your comments. :sob:


a minute ago i dropped from rank 22 to 222 after the installation of an update … same happened a week ago, when suddenly hundreds of new high lvl ai-bots appeared in the game. so again a next wave of ai-bots have just been released …

what sense does a pvp player ranking system have, if you just face ai-bots and your rank can be manipulated anytime by bringing them in???

does lydia expect us to think, within a second hundreds of players rushed into rank 50 and beyond???


Just arrived here last night. I’m gonna die XD