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What’s your status on the apex’s?

How much apex DNA do you have for each creature? Are you close? Please answer in the comments :grinning:


Mine is the following:

  • 0 Mortem Rex

  • 0 Hadros Lux

  • 0 Ceramagnus


30 Mortem. That’s it. I just can never seem to do the raids. I have the creature, not the time.


0,0,0. I once was winning in a lux raid but power went out

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275 on mortem. I need 25 more to unlock it.

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0,0,0 basically yes

Oh no :worried:

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195 mortem, 60 Lux

Still have 0 of all. Don’t have time for Raids, especially Apex.

220 for Mortem, 55 for Hadros Lux, 0 for Cera

225, 55, 0



245 mortem, 65 lux, 0 cera

I’ve had tons of bosses walking into my zone, but I’m always the only one who’s online

It’s exasperating

60/300 Hadros Lux.

25/100 for mortem (lvl 26 atm), 50 lux and 0 magnus

of course, Ceramagnus ain’t even in the game

165 Mortem, 40 Hadros
Didn’t manage to beat Hadros last week, hopefully can work out a new technique for this week

Keep up the good work, my friend. I never had such a chance, I’m always the only one online.

I was lucky to have 3 real life friends to chat to and arrange the raids with, although one has pretty much stopped playing recently :(. Outside of external chats these Apex bosses are almost impossible to organise. Wishing you luck and hope you manage to defeat one