What’s your status on the apex’s?

Have a tiny bit of Mortem, no Hadro Lux (my dinos aren’t really optimised for that one) and have yet to see a Ceramagnus - I forgot that last one exists!

I have 20 Mortem and unlikely to get any more Apex unless they give them out for free at some point (*hint hint… Christmas… :slight_smile: )


295 Mortem(cries), 75 Lux, 0 Magnus

Hey Smaug, if I have time Wednesday, we might be able to raid.

245 MRex, 55 Lux

Too close to unlock mortem

Poke around on the forum or discord. I’m sure someone won’t mind helping you

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Fun fact: if you have Ceramagnus dna you kinda sus


Wow, you’re so close!


Um, can someone explain how I have 30 of it then? Send help. IDK what happened.

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Ceramagnus? Can you post pictures?

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My phone’s charging. I send when I can.

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Ok no problems

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probably an ai. Otherwise that is 100% a hacker and u should defo report


He said he has 30 of its dna ( i not sure i will wrong)

Really? Thank you

I would love to see it


Hahaha 0 for all

There’s no way I can do them only the legendary and uniques

Yeah, only sino and rexy boss can be defeated