What’s your strategy for this weekend’s Epic Event?


Until 9am ET Sunday, 5 dinos, 15 attempts.

I might try to go for 100% Stegoceratops because that’s my goal right now. Or, I might mix in Amargocephalus and Nodopatasaurus. Sinoceratops is glamorous and I really want it, but it doesn’t seem to be very effective in battle. (Am I wrong about this?)

Anyone else going in with a plan? Or do you use up your attempts as they come?

I’m still at work so I haven’t started yet… I want to get out there!!


Im sure others will provide you feedback :slight_smile: Here is mine -

Focus on ank and get to 1k dna (680 past 15 right now). Get enough cino to create the raptor (gotta catch em all). Depending on fuse luck, use remaning atrempts on ank (of bad luck on raptor) or remaining on cino if good luck - so i can get that crappy allo thingy.


Mine is:

1 or 2 Amargocephalus for Tragodistis
5 or 6 Ankylosaurus for Ankyntrosaurus and, to unlock, Rajakylosaurus
The rest with either Sinoceratops or Stegoceratops with a preference for Sinoceratops since I’d like to unlock Utarinex eventually.


Already done 5 anky and got akyntrosaurus to level 17, 40 shy of level 18.
2 sinoceratops to get allosinoseratops to level 17.

Got 8 attempts left to get all anky, to level ankyntro to hopefully level 19 and rajankalosuarus to level 17


Anky all attempts :ok_hand:t2:


Thanks!! :grinning: I see now I have to totally re-think this! Great advice since those are the two I was going to pass on. Right now both my Ankylosaurus and Sinoceratops are at 11.5.


If you go based on the dino’s rarity/difficulty to find, I would personally suggest to go for Ankylosaurus or the Sinoceratops. How much to get for each would depend on your goal: how much you need to create them/their hybrid or which one you want on your team.

For the recommended dinos on your team based on current meta, allosinosaurus is pretty bad considering it does not have any defense shattering attack (Allosaurus is better in raw power), utahsinoraptor is fast but does just okay since most of the tanks have superiority strike/shield/impact attacks. Ankytrosaurus and Rajakylosaurus are better if you can get the other hybrid component. e.g.: You can make good use of the invincibility shield if you can predict enemy attack correctly and they have good armor to irritate the enemy.

Think of the longer run of getting legendaries than current immediate goals and try not to get the hybrids (stegoceratops, nodopatosaurus, amargawhatever). :slight_smile:


Thank you! This is excellent advice, I’m glad I posted the question. :grin: I’m realizing now that I wasn’t playing the Long Game!


Thanks!! I would have blown it if I didn’t ask! Didn’t think I needed Anky.


Wow, thanks for all the great info! :grinning: I thought I wanted the hybrids, but I guess was just reaching for the Shiny Objects.


Awesome!! I would have done it all wrong, LOL. :joy:


I’m using all 15 attempts on Sino to work towards Allosinosaurus. My Allosaurus is already level 15 and i need to unlock Sino. I would’ve used them all on Anky but both my Raja and Kentro are both level 11.


Well I’m using them all on Sino to build up Utahsinoraptor enough so it gets in the team.

Ankyntrosaurus is great and very hard when I fight it. But it won’t make the team at level 16. And where is the next lot of DNA coming from?


I will go for Anchilosauro (mine is lev 14 at 26/250 and I have Kentrosauro already at lev 15) and most attemps to Amargocefalo (lev 14 as well with 83/250 and 5k+ Parassaurolofo to fuse in order to create Tragodistis).

if not lucky enough to find them, I will give a shot or two to Sinoceratopo. :wink:


That’s part of the reason my first thought was to go for the instant gratification of bumping up my existing hybrids.


Anky only to complete my collection.
Anky and Erliko are quite scarce in my area.


Only ankylosaurus for me since I plan on beefing up Rajakylo. I love utahsinoraptor’s design, but unless Ludia gives it armor piercing attacks I prefer raj’s hybrid.


Anky Anky Anky. Lots of Anky. I do not recommend going after the hybrids. They are easy to make from normal spawns. Best to use your attempts on hard to find dinos like Anky and or Sino. Both have a few hybrids, but Anky has 2 super hybrids on top of that (and the Sino hybrids are pretty lackluster).


Anky and some sino and given that the park is small and I probably won’t get what I want whatever is left :grimacing:


Cinoceratops for me I can make the others but I never see this in the wild so I’m gonna 100% it this weekend to try see if I can make the two hybrids from it cos I’ve been collecting the other dinos needed to hybridise them for ages waiting to get the cinoceratops up to 15