What’s your strike event team?

For all strike events that have no restrictions (cough trials cough) I have a set of four creatures that almost always works:
Lvl 18 indom
Lvl 15 Rex
Lvl 15 velo
Lvl 16 Yoshi
What’s your “team” that you use for strike events?

Lvl 26 Erlidom (T10 HP, T13 A, T2S)
lvl 26 Erlikospyx (T3HP, T13 A, T8S)
lvl 25 Ardentismaxima (T10 HP)
lvl 29 Kaprosuchus (T1HP, T2A, T5S)

Depending on difficulty, I might just go with Erlidom for the whole match, or if it’s too easy Kapro for whole match. If it’s some serious epic stuff and Erlidom won’t do it, Ardentis goes first, then Erlidom, then Spyx (or in some cases Spyx first so Erlidom can swap into Kapro for very difficult matches).

spot 1: erlindom or thor
spot 2: dentist, MEGA Becky or vexus
spot 3: “Alita”
spot 4: “quarterback” or indo G2

Lvl 20 Allosino
Lvl 20 Indom
Lvl 20 Tryostronix
Lvl 20 Yoshi
And no, my lucky number is not 20

What are Alita and quarterback?

“Alita” = indoraptor
“quarterback” = smilonemys

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depends on what the AI does. Like spam defensive stance :rofl:

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cough brontotherium cough

I use based on theme. Last week was pterasaurs. So I used my Pterasaurs. If armor, chompies

I normally plow through events with thor. But I also bring magna smilonemys and either tryko or maxima

You shouldn’t necessarily use the same theme as the event. For example, last week I used my chompers to counter the swap in defense. This week, mostly chompers again because of the heavy armor challenges.

Either Erlidom, Magna, or Thor.
Whichever will OHK the particular event.
Epic L30 events, a mix of those 3 with Gemini or Maxima.
Whatever combination blows through it the fastest.

but is your lucky number 20? :thinking:

I usually use batagudon lvl 16, pryitator lvl 16, monomimus lvl 16, and usually the dino that I just unlocked.

25 Magnapyritor
27 Erlidominus
25 Geminititan
28 Trykosaurus or 27 Quetzorion depending on the strike

Funny thing is Magna isn’t even on my Arena team anymore, but I’ve kept it’s boosts because it’s such a good generalist for all types of Strike events.

For 95% strike towers it’s:


For those other 5% it’s:

anything else for cleanup

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My goto team is usually; Erlidomimus, Indoraptor/Indoraptor G2, Thoradolosaur and either Dracoceratops or Utahsinoraptor depending on the enemies I’m facing.

Erlidom into monostego, tryko, magna. Makes quick work of strike events

I’m at about 99% lol :wink: