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So many of you may know The Gaming Beaver. Well he basically said everything we (or a MAJORITY) are thinking. In the fact that there are SO MANY broken and OP creatures and pay to win is becoming the name of the game. He “called out” the high level players and well if u haven’t already the name of the video is

GAME NO FUN NO MORE! This is the name of the vid!! Plz don’t ban!! I didn’t make the name

Can’t put link because don’t want the ban but anyways, what I’m asking is, is he right? Is what he’s saying true or is it just a “one of”?
@Idgt902 @practicekat I really want ur opinions as your higher level players that seem to know everything. What’s your thoughts on the long time player just like you?


You know what I have put myself in recently? A mindset. I told my self I don;t have to be the best player in the game I don’t have to use the meta relevant creatures soon after I put myself into this mindset I started having fun and refunded most of my boosts and put them into fun to play dinosaurs which actually turn out to be good @Idgt902 @practicekat and @Oriondestiny have experince with fun teams


Game went downhill, after they follow the formula of “New update = New creatures + New movesets” without caring about how these new movesets/creatures affect the existing creatures & their movesets (and) without fixing the bugs which gets accumulated in every new update.

By the time, you unlock & level these new creatures to reasonable level/stats, they introduce another OP creature which totally rivals what you just built (or) they just nerf thus making your built creature utter useless.

They’ve announced in the community update as below,

  • In the upcoming updates, we will aim to rebalance several of our oldest iconic Unique creatures. The meta has shifted since their introduction. Based on the data we observe, some of them need to get their kits re-adapted to remain competitive choices at high levels.

Am eagerly waiting for how this is going to be rolled out, which will be a final dealbreaker for me to play/ditch the game.


I like Beaves quite a bit, but fact of the matter is, he doesn’t really take a good, hard look at the creatures to truly judge whether or not they’re actually good (that he called his team of maxed out Testacornibus, Utahrinex, Indotaurus, and Scorpios Rex Gen 3 a bad team because he didn’t draw an Apex is bizarre to me when 3 of those are still top tier beasts while Utahrinex itself is a decent Cunning still).

The powercreep absolutely remains the game’s biggest issue (well, on top of bad RNG but that is neither here nor there), but, in Ludia’s defense, there are plenty of ways lower tier creatures can handle the High Tyrant monsters, you just have to know how to exploit their drawbacks.

Ref, for example, can’t do a thing against highly armored Resilients once SD is used up. Doubly so if the Resilient has a healing ability.

For another example, as much as I don’t like saying it, Parasauthops, ironically, loses in a straight fight to Ankylos Lux, and generally against anything that can deal a lot of damage in one hit (even with it’s healing abilities), or against anything with a powerful counter-attack in general. (That being said, I still think it’s SiD should be swapped out for something else like a defense shattering acute stun while it’s SiD becomes an On-Escape attack).

The only way to get the powercreep to really stop is for the whales to stop buying stuff, or for the literal majority of players to leave the game and not come back to it at all nor be replaced by enough new players, and I doubt neither is going to happen. Otherwise, the best thing to do is to find a team you want to run and have fun with, whether or not it’s a meta team.


I agree overall the game has so many bugs that they refuse to fix, ever since para was released its had that move icon issue.

Indo gen 2 meta -Mainly 1 dominant dino with very little counter play

Todays meta - Around 6 - 8 dominant dinos with very little counter play

Also the dam apex raid incubators in the shop for around £90 when raids were introduced as a free to play mechanic.
Like with imperatosuchus for example, I might be incorrect, but its been in the shop 5 times and you can buy 2.
Shop = 400 dna
Raids = 170 dna (depending what you get)
Good balence ludia :clap:

Edit -
Also I dont have much hope for the older uniques this is whats going to happen

  1. Overbuffed
  2. Dominates in the meta and shop
  3. Gets nerfed and forced back to where it was.

Hope ludia prove me wrong though :person_shrugging:


He even said in one of his video that this thing became trash after only one nerf when in reality it was and is still very strong.


idgt and friends are some who spend heavily on game , how you want them to agree ? ( they use to buy 200$+ bundles back and i think they are doing it already too :smiling_face_with_tear: )

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game is a thing for fun , when no fun , you can stop playing or playing in way that you have fun . i’m doing second , hope others do it too :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t like gamingbeaver. He’s obnoxious and loud. He’s annoying and not funny. I heard one of my former players beat him in his last video. I was pleased to hear that. Pizzabrain2 :muscle::sunglasses:

I respect your opinion. But his funniness is what makes him great. He makes funny moments, while also playing the game, but that’s your opinion.

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Obviously they’re going to overbuff them. Can’t expect Jam City to actually balance something.

I don’t want them to “agree”. I want them (being big giants of the game) to speak about the issues and OP creatures that are destroying the player base. Then what about @ProC whats ur thoughts on paraT and the over tyrants of the game?

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You know beaver probably didn’t know about the bait and switch tactic that was Rodrigues solitaire. That just flat out shows their money grab strategy. Then there was their greed, we have the rare Rodrigues incubator that only gave us 100 dna but when you did the charlie rare incubator, it gave you like 500 i believe. Powercreep has always been in the game but never had it gone this fast where the bear was phased out so quickly. Ludia has come out that they are going to give older creatures attention. I hope they do and that becomes 3.0 with a boost shuffle.


I haven’t watched the video and probably won’t if I am honest. But here’s my thoughts… find what you enjoy and play to that. Have a favourite team then play it. Don’t worry about the meta. Play for the fun of it. Build a weekly theme team like I do. Work on getting your creatures levelled or unlocking the current grey options of your Dinodex. JWA is still good but you need to find what makes it enjoyable for you and run with it. We’re not all masters of the Arena but nowhere does it say you have to be,


He’s 1000% correct.

I would love for Erlidominous or Indoraptor to get some love, maybe even tryko

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I think they will buff the bear with a priority attack, as it’s the only apex without any priority/instant move.

Ludia needs to sit up and take notice at Beaver’s rant. Not because of the reduced exposure they’ll get from him stopping videos, but because he is representative of a huge % of the playerbase (the majority?).

A semi-casual player with a passion for dinosaurs who is becoming increasingly frustrated and disillusioned with the direction the game is heading in.

I don’t agree with his patronising tone towards those in higher arenas, and he does have a questionable grasp of some of the game mechanics, BUT, he’s not wrong with his assessment of the accelerated powercreep, combined with the lack of boost liquidity and insane store prices.


I’m not necessarily concerned with the creature strength in the game anymore, for me it is more about the lack of content, even though there is so much. The problem with allowing content creators to show off every single creature via the beta build gives you a solid 1-2 days of content, but then a super dry month or however long until the next update. Like you even get to show off apexes, things that no one can unlock for ages, remember the hype to unlock apexes, but now they can just be shown straight away? Not to mention people are allowed to showcase raids early too. Whilst I think it is a good thing for the content creators to have, it kind of spoils the rest of the month before next update leaving it dry of new content.

You see Jurassic World The Game actually seems to have a good thing going and I think JWA could take after it. They only release 1 creature at a time, but they release multiple after an update over the course of weeks. I think JWA could do something similar. It would definitely persuade me to make more than 1 video a month on a new update. I would propose something like showcasing 1 new creature every week or fortnight and can even be shown through the beta build, just as long as there isn’t just one big content dump and it is spread out through a couple of weeks. Creatures like Ailurarctos, Acrocanthosaurus, Nasutoceratops & Allosaurus Gen 2 are good examples of this and were definitely fun creatures for me to collect. Which also more creatures on the map and less exclusives would also be more fun haha.


No. Each update needs about 5 hours of waiting and brings in millions of bugs. Imagine having that every week.