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What SE rare will you dart today?


IDK what to go for.

No use for Charlie, Delta is decent as a Strike Tower dino but will never be on my Arena Team.

I’m capped on Orni @ 50k DNA so cant get anymore of that.

Guess that just leaves erliki G2. Womder if it will ever get a hybrid? Prolly not.

Ok I have decided. Since it is litterally 4 degress out, I think I will skip them all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Went out today, and just darted whatever came into my path on the bus. Didn’t really need any of them, though.

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orni because of the new hybrid for 1.6, guessing proceratm.

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Yep, thats really the only choice imo. Assuming you arent capped on it.


Imma dart mostly Ornithomimus mostly because of its hybrid in 1.6 and plus my stock is only at 500 right now. If I run across Delta I’ll dart her cause I like her. Erlikosaurus G2 could dart like 2 maybe. And probably none on Charlie.


I never find the darn thing I usually find nodosaurus