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What sends you running?

Back in my early days, dimetrodon could get me to break into a jog to dart. I hardly ever saw the thing. These days I usually bike, but Brachi or raja can get me to kick it up a gear. I need those two, big time.

What do you race to dart?


Brachi, Erliko

Quetzal. My orion needs food.


For me, its’ pretty much any epic. A tuoj can get me running right now. trying to get mine to 20. 5K more to go.



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I used to leave work and go for a short walk a lot because of something beyond the radar. Lately not so much as it seems most of what I need is arena exclusive. Takes the fun away a little bit. I have taken off down the dirt road more than once for Brachio though.

Erlik, Mono, Brachi, and Rex.

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Last summer and fall, I would take off down the road at night for raptors. I think it is funny now I take off down the road for Tarbosaurus’s.

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In my area, Erliko… I’ve left my house at 1 am to get one, two blocks from here… And I live in Brazil, so it’s reeeally not safe to do that with a phone in your hands, lol… Others would make me run too, like Sino and Ourano, but since I NEVER see them nowadays, I can’t say they do that to me.

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An epic of any description lol

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Grypo for sure

For me its this furry little fellow as soon as i spot him appear on the map it is …

  • Get out of my way people i have a kitty kat to catch ! * :smiley: :grinning: :smiley:
    Seriously though i have only seen him ( smilodon ) 4 times in the last 3 weeks and i really
    need his dna to level up my smilocephalosaurus big time lol


The pterosaur scent strike made me run out of the house like a crazy person. I was one minute late for the premium incubator though :frowning:

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Pretty much any epic (bar Bary and Pyroraptor) plus Quetz, Dime, Tuo …

Erliko, especially if it spawns at bus stops. I tried running epic scents there, but it only attracts L4 stuff.

Anky (maybe not after today), Darwin, Quetzal, Dilophosaurus and Dracorex.
To a lesser extent Dimetrodon and Tuojiangosaurus, Monolophosaurus.
To an even lesser extent Tenontosaurus, Koolasuchus, Tarbosaurus and Utahraptor, Rajasaurus, Kentrosaurus.
And then “if I’m outside anyway I might as well make a small detour”: All epics except for Baryonix and Concavenator, Erlikosaurus gen 2, Deinocheirus, Velociraptor, Argentinosaurus, Kaprosuchus, Wuerhosaurus, Scaphognatus, Spinosaurus, Dracorex gen 2 or whatever is popular in alliance requests and I’m running low on.

Everything else I only dart when I need daily 2k rare or 5k common/any or maybe help with alliance achievements.

I just saw a diplodocus in the wild. Went out for that!

Hello, me! Aren’t Mondays so much more exciting now? :smiley:

Brachi and Argentino :ok_hand:t2:
The only creatures I currently need, other than Irritator :unamused:


T-rex never gets old to chase.