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What sends you running?

I live in kind of a “meh” zone for epics (except Brachiosaurus) but if I’m out and I spot a Rex or a Kentro, I will drop everything to get it. Used to do the same for Ourano, but then the things I thought were Ourano were actually Maiasaura, which I see way more frequently, which probably isn’t saying much. I don’t remember the last time I saw an Ouranosaurus in the wild.

Full send.

I’m in zone 2 and in the endgame, so things like Erlikosaurus G2, T-Rex, Erlikosaurus G1, Dracorex G1

I’ve trotted outside at 4AM in my underwear to get an Erliko G1 before haha

Free boosts.

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Tarbo, TRex, Erliko Gen1, other dinos relevant to my team if I’m close to leveling up one of them.

Sino is also on the same Zone.

Erliko. Rex still does it

Miragaia :wink:


It is, and I see them more often than any other epic. I just have a ton of Sino, so it’s kinda one of my least concerns right about now. If I spot one down the road, maybe I’ll go get it, but farther than that, or with a different dino competing, I’ll let it go.

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Brachi,Raja,Erli,Kentro,Anky and Gryposuchus

I can’t sent hunt that one.
That’s the one that really stands out to me.