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What shd i do with trophy counts hoovering above 4500?

Will i receive the reward if i drop below 4500 as i just broken it? Should i just stop arena till tournament over now?

You will get the reward that corresponds with what trophies you have at the exact end of the tournament . If you want the reward for the trophies you have you can either stop battling to ensure you get it or be comfortable trying to climb back up for it should you fall.

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I know i can’t get much higher for now, and i wish to have that 500 DNA Erli…scary in arena now…so i guess to get the reward of that minimum 4500 i have to stop arena…

Yes if you want that incubator then I would suggest not battling to ensure you get it.

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It’s a pretty significant prize drop, may not be worth risking it unless you desperately want to fill up incubators and have a strong enough team to help you climb back up if you fall


Camp… take a few days off enjoy not worring about anything to do with arena.

Ive been camping since the 2 or 3rd day… honestly i havent really missed it.

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Thank you so much.
The minute i go above 4500 i see monsters, level 27, and some uniques i don’t even have them.
Is there a sequence of the match making that will put u against these players with certain trophy counts?

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Thanks bro, will take a break and hope i won’t miss any.
So what are the better dinos to collect for DNA now? knowing the next update is coming soon…