What should be added in my opinion


Hey there, during my time i spent playing, i noticed some things that were missing or that i REALLY would like to be added. Here’s what :

1 - REAL hybridation (The biggest point). Admit it, you always asked why hybrids were precise dinausaurs with defined composition. Let’s make in sort that any dinausaur lower than a Superhybrid (Else it will ask too much models) can be mixed with any others.
To do so :

  • HP, Damage and speed : Average between both
  • Crit and Armor : Highest of the 2.
  • Movepool : 2 first moves of the first dino and 2 last of the second (So placement matters)
    For example, if i decide to mix a G2 Stigymoloch and a velociraptor, We got a Stigyraptor, which is a Rare (by following hybrid logic), and has, at level 26 :
    - 3000 Hp
    - 1350 Atk
    - 130 Spe
    - 5% Crit
    - 0% Armor
    - Access to Strike, Pounce and Strike and Run

But i can also make a Superhybrid implying it : Let’s mix Stigyraptor and… Let’s say… Gorgosaurus.
The results is the Stygocisaurus an Epic Superhybrid which has, at level 26 :
- 3480 Hp
- 1465 Atk
- 116 Spe
- 20% Crit
- 0% Armor
- Access to Strike, Pounce, Defense Shattering impact and ferocious strike.

Like you saw here, this way of hybridation has way more possibilities than the current system. And i’ll reapeat it, but you can’t go further than the Superhybrid (which means 3 dinos in the recipe, not more). And the Raptor squad (Blue, Delta, Charlie and Echo) Can’t be used. It will cause some ,problems about names.

Without forgetting the cost : knowing the median amount of dna per fusion (20); here’s a pastebin showing the cost in coins and DNA for each rarity combination : https://pastebin.com/TKEm9uw9 (And yes, i’ll like to create my hybrids in one time and with less RNG in it)

2 - Allowing every dino to spawn. If you can find dragonites or tyranitars in Pogo, why could’nt you find Legendaries or Uniques in JWA ? Well, sadly, you won’t in JWA. Please Ludia, allow us to find Legendaries and Uniques (There’s no technical limit to it, as special events shown it to us). Let us be exploding of joy when finding a wild Erlidominus or Rajakylosaurus. Even if the’re super rare (Approximatively 0.033% Legendary and 0.00275% for uniques, which are approximatively 1/3000 for legendaries and 1/36000 for uniques, as we have 1/20 for Rares and 1/285 for Epics). Given the amount of spawns, like in PoGo, we will probably be able to find, like said earlier, 1 Unique every 36000 Spawns.

Ps : As a formula, Legendaries are 12x rarer than Epics, and Uniques are 12x rarer that Legendaries.

3 - Removing Arena exclusive dinos (Very short, doesn’t need lines and lines) . Admit it, mentionning this in the “Balance” section is just a lie. Doing so just makes some hybrids (Hi Pyrritator, Hi Paramoloch) really painful to do. Why not allowing them to spawn ?

4 - Local Fights. This is probably a thing that is asked very often. Make it possible for players to fight nearby players or friends (like in Clash royale, with an adjustement for dinos levels, like 26). Like that, they could reinforce the social side of their game (Like PoGo did recently with the addition of friends and trading).

5 - Lures. We need to get lures in this game. Since they are way stops even in the smallest village, these could be so useful. They spawn a dinausaur taking in account the locales, the nest and the kind of place. For example, setting a lure into a green zone will allow Apatausaurus or Postosuchus to appear. I think there should be differents types of lures, to attract specifics dinausaurs. We could get :
- The standard lure (Based on local spawns)
- The Hunter lure (Only spawn herbivores)
- The Alpha lure (Only spawns Carnivores)
- The most expensive, Genetic lure (Only lures Hybrids, but at a much slower rate).

6- Cloak Rework. I recently got I.Rex, and i just realised a thing : Cloak is just a dice throw, there’s not any kind of skill in the CnR combo, just pure luck. That’s why i suggest a change :
“50% Of dodging + 2x Dmg for next hit” > “Blocks next hit + 2xDmg for next hit”.
It should make I.Rex less Luck-based, while adding some skillcap to it : When will my opponent will throw its strongest move ?" Or “What am i going to block ?” will be the two questions before using it (if my idea is accepted). It goes in pair with the hybridation rework, since else, everyone would go for Uniques implying I.Rex to put Cloak to make a entierely gamble team.

And i’ll ask to everyone that reads this post :

- Would you like to see a thing that i didn’t mentionned added to the game ?
- Do you think something in this post is unbalanced ?

Then tell me below this post. Anything you’d like to see appear here should be also written under this message.

NOTE : This post is subject to modifications, so come check if a new idea appeared :slight_smile: