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What should be my first ledgendary

i can make dodoceiva or the one with miasaura, uh but i only have enough to make one
which one?


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Go for both. But preferably dodocevia

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thx i will try to get him

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Actually, don’t get it


I have a dodocevia and it works wonders
And Phorusaura is awesome as it can deal a lot of damage
So go for both

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I love my Phorusaura, to the extent it’s the only legendary left in my team of uniques.

Every new unique I bring in, I ditch another unique, rather than my terror bird.

I just don’t wanna lose it!


Bold move keeping Phoru. I ditched it when it was nerfed a long while ago, but I would like to replace something on my current team with PhoruRex for sure. It’s really hard to figure out what to bench when you get a team of 8 that are all top tier and boosted…Pretty much have to wait until a shuffle unless you’re a spender

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Dodocevia 100%

wow there is so many replies, i just dont know what to pick! thank you all to take the time to reply