What should be the first non hybrid unique?

As you see… in the game there is no non hybrid unique. if there is a new non hybrid unique, will it be cool? Try it out!(use any hp you want)


Meh, I think Uniques should stay being Super Hybrids only (CompC is a sin and everyone knows it)


Well I would say all the character Dino’s should be unique with no fusions but that being said the entire raptor squad is already epic and below. So there’s not much point to that anymore.

riprovenator 5021

Maybe CC ouranosaurus? (CC meaning Camp Cretaceous)

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10 characters

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Toro as a unique :joy:

Ah yes that would be awesome

What about rexy? Would seem fitting for the queen of Isla nublar.

How about rexy lux guys?download (5)

Can you make the numbers not random? They should be around the lines of 1150, 2250, 2000, 3500, not like 4343, 2563, 7632: so basically no number in the ones digit

Ok I edited it.download (6)

Compare it to Mortem Rex and tell me it is balanced

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I feel like this is still too strong

Should i change ki to definate inpact

no need its ok