What should be the next Hybrid to I should work on

Since I unlocked Ophiacomimus, I have some more Hybrids I want to unlock so give tips.

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Again, depends on your lineup. It’s hard to tell without lineup pics.


Did you see my previous posts about lineups?

Go for indom

Make Ardentismaxima it’s a very good creature

Question. Should I go for metriaph, pachygalo, or cerazino next?
For Metriaphodon: Dimo is ready, I have 5 Metrias.
For Pachy: I have 3 Pachy’ and 6 Megalo’
For Cera: therizino is almost ready, I need 6 ceratos.

I know you are thinking Jurassic, but without Megistocurus, Archaeophicyon and Entelorhacos I would not have made it through the last 4 days. Don’t neglect Ceno and Aquatic hybrids, they are very useful.

Metria next.

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I think you are confusing this game (Jurassic World the Game) for Jurassic World Alive

That’s what I was thinking but I wasn’t sure.

Based on your lineup… Carnoraptor. Tapejalosaurus. Good value and will serve you well.

Hmm, so I have to save up for Tapejalo, for Carno I will waste my time waiting for Rarity Rumbles.

Do you mean Ankylodocus?

Metriaphodon if Attack
Cerazinosaurus if Budget
Pachygalosaurus if Health

How come? Is it because you don’t have the base creatures unlocked and you can only get them from the Rarity Rumble?

If that is the case…then disgrgard my suggestion.

Carnoraptor is great value though and it carried me a far way. It’s something to consider when you are able to.

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Agreed and it is because Pyroraptor is still locked #PyroraptorUnlockEvent

Spend all your amber on pyroraptor copies then so you can get the hybrid unlock, besides indoraptor the carnoraptor and dimetrocarnus are the most useful carnivores in the game and can carry you through low - mid - high level of play, you can turn amber and boss events into something extremely useful this way.

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I’d rather save for Diplosuchus first as the Amphibians are suffering, Ludia barely releases any Amphibians anymore.

Understandable, but diplos components are all unlockables, early gamers should be working towards diplo anyways as its the cheapest s hybrid with decent stats at 10, I was just suggesting an alternative to getting carnoraptor unlocked.

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