What should happen in the next hotfix

So, the devs said they are working on an update which they will give in the next few days accompanied with a bunch of new bugs as always, and in it, that what should happen:
-making the duties easier, in other words, like they were before, level up 15 dragons is ridiculous and makes you run out of resources quickly and slows you down from opening the chest as hatch 15 dragons.
-the rewards of the duty chest and the alpha chest should be back as well as the flight club’s, getting 15 energy from the duty chest, and runes from the alpha chest, because it makes no sense removing them probably two months before the update of the arena.and rebalancing the rewards of the chest of flight Club, because nobody is interested in joining that club which is now been as not worth it. And don’t people’s money be in vain.
-the rarity quest which was supposed to provide eggs, it gives now only coins and fish,and I think they did that to replace the resources we lose from leveling up 15 dragons, and on top of that, one of the rarity quests used to give 4 basic draft tokens, but now it gives 3.now you are giving the duty gather 60 eggs, from the repeatable quests, it will long, so the rarity quest can help a lot.
-give the same amount of scales we used to get from the chests, they are rare, and without them, we can’t train our dragons, or at least, will take a long time to do so, especially if they are hybrids or event dragons.
-give is the same amount of fish and coins too, you can do that instead of giving us the resources on the sheep quests, that’s why they are called SHEEP quests, think about new players, some people won’t be able to defeat the last stage of the sheep quest, so they will only get one sheep, especially now that you are giving us those ridiculously hard duties like level up 15 dragons, we need sheeps to level them up, that won’t cost a lot of fish as when you use 10 dragons just to level up one dragon only one level.
The bugs that must be fixed are:
-the health bars of the enemies that can’t be seen which will he an obstacle in hard stages, and it sometimes causes the board to freeze, I don’t know if this happens to anyone but it did with me in stromfly event.
-the light fury’s plasma blasts can’t be seen too.
-the screaming death’s bomb is still not exploding when you bring it to the top.
-another new bug I encountered in the stormfly event is this:

The auto play is activated as you can see but it didn’t do anything.
. These are the things that will make the game fun and enjoyable like before, it’s us the players, who know how the game can be fun or not, because we are the ones who test playing and then judge, and not like you who just launch mew content without testing it first( I don’t mean any insult or something), if you make the game like before, and listen to your players for once, this game will get its previous, rating, popularity, its lost players, and its disassembled clans now, who stopped playing right after the update.


@marcus or @ned,please send this to your team if you can.

Thank you for your detailed feedback and suggestions, @itami!

Regarding the issue you were having, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and our team can take a closer look.

But please, I want them to focus on what I said before the bugs mostly, that’s my big point, please let them now everything about the changes they made and what I said about them


Also, making the game like it was before is no longer a suggestion now, it’s a must,the game is in a terrible right now that’s why.