What should have happened to dodge

OK, so the change implemented was to reduce the impact of RNG and the frustration of a creature repeatedly dodging and taking no damage. Having been on the end of this I totally agree that is worth addressing.

Now, the proposed solution… let some damage (33%) go through even when opponent dodges. Well… that’s just daft in my opinion. It still doesn’t address the RNG. That comes from a 50% chance to dodge. It hurts the dodge user as now they are not only still relying on RNG but when they are successful they still take damage. It doesn’t remove the frustration of multiple dodges in a row, all be it max can now only be 3.

So, what would have worked better (in my opinion)… remove the RNG!! Similar to instant cripple, acute stun and a few others. Make dodge work 100%… yes that’s right 100%. BUT it only works for one turn and has a cooldown of 3. So, you are having to predict that big move and then you have a guaranteed dodge. Once it’s used opponent knows no more dodges for 3 turns. RNG = gone and dodge is still a powerful move.

It’s not OP either, put into context of tryko spamming instant distract and instant invincibility. Yes it’s more powerful than either move in isolation as can Superiority or shatter but thats why it’s 3 turn cooldown.



I dunno. If that’s the case why not just take away dodge completely and give it instant invincibility instead? It’s would be the Same thing. Except with shield breakers it goes through anyway. I think the dodge change is just dumb. Especially when boosts allow for so much damage.

What I suggested is guranteed zero damage, for one turn. No counters. Instant invincibility can be countered with def shattering

I really don’t have a horse in the dodge race as it never bothered me like it does everyone else.
But it didn’t help that most of the counters Ludia made were just released like a month and a half ago and half the playerbase doesn’t even have them unlocked yet let alone team level (Maybe if we could actually hunt the components).
If Ludia continues the trend of hamstringing new dinos before they can be used, it will become unwise to invest in new dinos.


So nullifiers couldn’t take it off either?

I would argue that losing 3 turn chance of dodging at 50% should be replaced with a guaranteed dodge for one turn. No counter, including nullify.

If it were deemed too powerful then nullify and maybe the new precise moves would be appropriate.

The aim is to remove the RNG without ruining the move. RNG was on both sides when 50%. This way some skill comes into timing of move.

difference is that tryko is slow and indo is faster then most creatures. so you are down to low health and last creature, in comes indo evasive, you hit nothing then he deals the final blow. same can happen with tryko but you can still hit it.

and cloakers?

same would apply to cloak… anything with dodge

I’d have said that for evasion, it should be 66% for first turn, 33% for second, 16% for third, or some sort of similar decay.

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i think 100% dodge on a 2 turn cooldown would be best, nullification still can hit and so can precision abilities so its not invincible.

I say making cloaking or dodge go to 75percent. You take 75 percent damage if you dont avoid, 25 percent if you do. Dodge wasnt that bad to begin with. Too big of a nerf at once. If the 75/25 isnt enough then next patch got 67/33

A dodge for 1 turn even if it is for 100% does nothing, unless there is that double damage that occurs afterwards. There are not too many creatures that dodge anyway. What it does mean is every creature that relies on dodge, got nerfed. While creatures with counters got a boost, since counter attacks were clearly not factored in the hitpoints that were given to creatures to make up for the supposed balancing. Erlidominus got an attack increase, but that was because it lots critical damage output. No extra hit points. The same thing happened to Indominus and Indoraptor. These are top tier dinosaurs, and they got nerfed with no compensation. Monomimus got some hitpoints back, but mono was still nerfed from this anyway. Procerathomimus got hit points as did ornithomimus and gallimus.

I think there is a bug. I activate dodge with erli other dino choose swap hit and hit %33 than dracoceratops came and hit full damage. I think erli should dodge dracoceratops hit too. Becouse i didnt hit any and so turn hadnt to be ended.