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What should I add to my lineup? Tips always welcome

Hi guys, since the old thread was kinda noob i wanted to open this one. Every addition is more than welcome, every tip, everything. I just added a boi to the Jurassics

Acquatic lineup. Baculites 30 very needed cooking.
Then cenos, another lvl 20 Megaloceros incoming.
What lineup should i be working on? Also Chanya has been very kind with my last Allo, totally worth it.
This thread is different from the old one since it will bring me to lvl 99 and the old one was noob.
Hope you can help me.

Add Indoraptor. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t be silly, it unbalances.

Should have put sarcasm alert earlier, apologies. :joy:

In all seriousness I think you can add Indominus (keep at level 6) and more Legendary Hybrids.

Whoa, about Indom my plan was to do not do it, but make Indom Gen 2 and leave rexy at 40, so i have two creatures of almost the same ferocity. This was my plan. Also why should i hold it at 6? It doesn’t unbalance at all.

Indom can go to lvl 10. Buy an extra few when possible. Or go indom g2. You are lvl 65+ so you can unlock trex g2 and raptor g2. Buy an extra few when possible.

For aquatic, try getting Dako to lvl 40

Getting Bacu to 30 , but i could bring Dako to 30, since i just need one individual. Also trying to snatch a second lvl20 Hyneria and another lvl 20 Ammo. Also @Indoraptor08 i cannot unlock them, i already unlocked them😎

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I need 3 Raptors and 3 Rexies.


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