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What should I be aiming for

This is my line up.

What should be my next move. What dino’s should I be looking on making stronger or creating?.

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Aim for level 30 Ichthyostega imo. I don’t care one osta-frick-asaurus about the Brachi tourney because of the server error with my apparently bad WiFi, and my lineup isn’t strong enough for Dominator, so I will take my time and make it to 30.

But sooner or later you’ll need good amphibians 'cause this is a very carnivore-heavy game.


I would suggest the same as Jurassic_Fury and only add that if you are able, another option would be Diplotator. Even Lvl 40 Postosuchus can be big help if he’s not the lead off.


Jurassic_Fury, that stinks, but maybe it’s a blessing. I know when I haven’t been able to compete in tournaments because it just wasn’t worth it, it took the stress off and I could just play…work on which Dinos I wanted to, organize my park, read some tutorials and play PVP (if I could). I don’t know if this helps.

BTW, I loved the Ostafrickasaurus ref. :laughing:


@Schmoo haha thanks xD and yea, prolly its for the best. But I wanna see when the common unlock week comes, personally the locked commons are right now more worth than Tourney creatures for me, because they were taken out of battle stages and also I missed them all when I was lower-level.