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What should I change on my team

This is my current team and was wondering what I should replace and what I should replace it with.

Just change allocator for dracoceratops

And also this might not be related but I’m kinda struggling with my team but I don’t have a single unique Dino if that makes sense basically how do you get realy good dinos?

my main way of getting uniques is through sanctuarys. do you have a certain unique your going for?

can i see the stats on your team please ? screenshot it

My team stats

Very good. Make sure that tryko needs a lot of health boost when its level 30. It needs around 7k health.

I’d try replacing Magna with something like Ardentis, Gemini, or (preferably) Skoonasaurus. Magna is becoming bigger and bigger swap-in bait as the swap meta continues.