What should I change on my team?

I feel like my team is ok so far, but I would like to hear anybody’s suggestions on what I should replace or try going for. I don’t have any Uniques yet but Thor, Erlidom and Tryko might be some of the first I unlock.

1.8 should make the tanks more useful, erlidom when created replaced indom for me and tryko takes the place of a tank, stegodeus just loses to Thor in 1.7 so I’d swap stegodeus for tryko, Thor is a direct upgrade to allosino but I ran them both for a while when I first created it, I’d swap paramaloch for Thor but I haven’t played with paramoloch since it’s kit changed

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Yeah, I run both Tragod and Stegod but I feel that Tragod just does better, even if it’s lower level. Hopefully when I get Tryko, it will take Stegod’s spot.

The stun on tragod saves it from choppers and give it utility for sure, makes it deal more damage before going down even in a bad matchup as long as it’s not too far behind in levels

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That’s what I was thinking, Stegod just sits there and takes hits until it dies, which is disappointing. I was also wondering how good Monostegotops was, I hear good things about it and it can be a pain to fight without good counters so I might look into that.

Of course 1.8 will shake things up so this post might be too early.

I remember dilorano used to give me fits, maybe try that?

Also - yes. Monostego. Start it asap. I sat back without it for a long time, now I’m 1500/2000 on my way to L29. It has helped immensely, and is great for dodgers, even with the move change coming.

Should still be good suggestions for 1.8 though, if anything the patch will make your current team stronger. Indom has always had enough health and the cloak is just something it needs to do to one shot a dino so I don’t see it taking too big a hit from the dodge nerf, people are saying erlidom will become bad too but again it’s more about the damage amplification than the cloak for those two. I see monosteg being very good in 1.8 and if you can get it near team level I’d boost it for sure, but I don’t think it’ll be a make or break Dino on a team, it’s still slow, even if it takes down a Dino now on its own another comes in and kills it for most matchups, even erlidom v monosteg end with monosteg dying to the Dino after erlidom

That’s true, Monstego doesn’t have any shields or a rampage move so Indom can take the hits and just Rampage and Impact, and since Armor Piercing Impact’s cooldown is going to be reduced to 1 Indominus can alternate now.

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The dinos the dodge nerf is gona make unusable are evasive stance ones like indoraptor and monomimus since they waste a turn for no benefit now, cloak dinos will still 1 shot things

True, I guess I’ll keep Indom on and hopefully get Erlidom.

It’s a good thing I decided to not make Indoraptor yet, would have been a pretty decent waste of resources. Dodged a bullet there