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What should I do for my lineups?

I need everyone’s help!
My ferocity is rising but the ferocity of PvE is becoming unbearable!

This is who I am dealing with:




This is my team at level 37:

You can give me all the advice you want belonging to one: I WILL NEVER SELL my Acrocanthosaurus! I need it for the tournament!

And a question: is it advisable to do the DIPLOTATOR ??


Here is the thread you were waiting for @Therizino2.0

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I would recommend you create diplotator. He’s really good. When I was roughly at her level, I drew my first VIP dinosaur, a concavenator. It also made my fights more difficult. But I still managed all the fights because I enlarged my lineup and added 4 level 30 alanga and labyrintho and 4 level 20 diplotator. I would recommend the same to you. You can also increase your coin production in this way.


Sorry, my mistake! I have not put my resources!

I made a calculation!
Your plan costs me about 66,000 DNA!

Sorry, it was just an idea. But still I would advise you to create several labyrinthosaurus, alangasaurus and diplotator. Maybe two of each. I also have to say that I have six of my diplos from modded pvp. That’s why it didn’t cost me that much.


Your top is op but it’s drops very quickly, your acro can 2 hit basically anything, so until rest of your line-up catches up you may have to use your acro in most matches, so it’s probably a good idea to have lvl 40 rare or lvl ~25 super rare pterosaurs because otherwise it will be hard to win matches against strong amphibians

And diplotator at lvl 10 will be good for you because you don’t have any good amphibian other than posto
Lvl 20 maybe too much tho


@Oxalaia @SpinoSri Tell me what do you think of this idea?
For the legendary herbivores I create another alangasaurus at 30.
For the legendary pterosaurs I make the Labtrinthosaurus at 30 and then I can do another one at 30.
For the laggendar carnivores I create a Diplotator to 20 and I upgrade the Nundasuchus to 40.
For the legendary amphibians I upgrade the Quezacoatlus to 30 and the zhejiangoripterus to 30.

DNA= 19.440

I have to say that is a good idea. You plan your line up really well. When I build mine I just look what I get and make 8 copies of each hybrid.

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Sounds good, but think if you do need a another lvl 30 alangasaurus

Anyway focus on amphibians first, carnivores last, and also don’t always feed your dinosaurs all they way if they are good enough in between, like a lvl 25 instead of lvl 30 if it’s high up in the line up

So that pve will be a little easier and if there’s a absurdly difficult pve with a legendary pack as a reward then you can feed them to make it easier


@Oxalaia @SpinoSri I never understood how PvE ferocity works
On what basis is it calculated?
It’s not that if I create dinosaurs with more ferocity, the opponent becomes stronger!
:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Those battles you have are not impossible. Deepen your lineup a bit and don’t let anything go last Acro for now.

Read this for more on ferocity.


Thanks friend, I don’t know how to thank you!
So the first three creatures affect PvE!
Acrocanthosaurus ruins everything, but I need it for the tournament!
How can I do???

Tommaso, hear me. Max Nunda and other rares if you can.

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Are you sure?
The average ferocity of rare dinosaurs at 40 is 975!
My opponents are about 1400 ferocity!
You say it’s a good idea?
Maximizing Nundasuchus, Ramphorhynchus, Ophiacodon, and Monolophosaurus (I’m waiting for the unlock event) can be a good step forward, but the other rare ones have some ferocity for my training!
That is, they are useful but not too much!
Besides upgrading the rare to 40 what else can I do?
Do I create a rare hybrid?

Another good idea would be ophiacomimus. You just have to wait for gallimimus to be unlocked. Granted, ophiacomimus costs a lot, but it has a lot of attack, at level 20 almost as much as labyrintho at 40. It is your decision what you do. Another idea on my part would be that you try to get gold at the tournament. With the golden twin package as a reward, you could get a powerful fighting machine without spending any DNA.

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If the Monolophosaurus unlock event comes out I might try to make the Tapejalosaurus but I don’t think so!

I think if i were in your position I would try to equalise my ferocity for at least the top 5-6 dinos. But because of you acro which is maxed all the way, ill try focus on your other classes first, specifically amphibians. And try hatching all the creatures you have to level them up without spending DNA so you can save DNA for more important situations in the future.

But main take away here is not to get too excited maxing dinos.

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Unfortunately I don’t have any other dinosaurs to hatch!
I have already hatched them all!

Work on maxing some super rares and your battles will become easier to manage, a level 40 super rare will be under acro.

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Yeah but for now I can’t!
I only have about 7000 DNA!
Check out my super rares! Which one should maximize!

Quetzal is near, posto, zhejiang and velo. But I would just fuse every free copy you receive from playing events, that way your saving dna