What should I do for pvp and raids


I’m close to getting tenrex, only 2000 dna away from tenato and i can get mammolania, just not the gold. I have 4727 trophies

Swap max and thor. Max is a beast in both areas. Thylac is good. Indom I would hold off on. I would also hold off tryo because then you’re splitting dime dna

From what I’ve observed, creatures useful for both Arena and Raids are

  1. Dioraja;
  2. Maxima;
  3. Thor;
  4. TenRex;
  5. Magna;
  6. Phorus; and
  7. Gemini.

I may have missed a few. But I believe I’ve covered most if not all of them.

There’s only 1 actual answer to your question, pick what you like, advance knowing its supposed to be fun and don’t worry about how far you can get, unless you’re wealthy you’ll never reach the top anyway so love the little things

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I love that advice. I think I’m gonna go for Indy and then the good stuff.

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Oh ya, I don’t really spend the dime dna on Tyro, just when I get post. I’ll replace Thor

Good starter creature. Can be quite deadly. Also try to get grypo. Love that thing

Max is soooooo much better

If u want 1 thing to focus on that is good for both that is close to level i would say its tryo. Its decent in pvp and If u can get it to 24 with a couple health boosts it can be used for many raids including mortem, hadros, and magnus.

I gotta be honest, it’s a matter of choosing right now what you’d rather be more a part of.

Your Tryo right now is good enough to join Hadros and Ceramagnus raids, but it won’t suffice for Mortem or Gorgotrebex.

Your Thylacocotator could work against Mortem if you were a part of a specific strat, but otherwise, you should really work on that Ardentismaxima and Diloracheirus to have a better chance at getting some Mortem dna. Skoolasaurus and Poukaidai should also be leveled up to level 20, purely for the Apex raids (Skoola’s pretty good against Hadros and Ceramagnus and can be used against Gorgotrebex, while Poukaidai can help out against Mortem).

As for creatures you need to unlock, Touramoloch and Tenonotorex should be a priority. Having a monster Toura and Tenonto can really make the difference if a Raid goes south fast, as they are sometimes wont to do, and both can do pretty well in PvP (Tenontorex even moreso, but Touramoloch can really do some damage against non-armored creatures).

For mortem raids, you need a good turo, 20 irri, and an 8.5k hp max and you’re set (a 6 marsupial can be used with these 3 to win)

ok, thank you. im gonna level max. i can get it to 23. @Persianking44, im going for the moloch now and tenrex i just need a few more weeks of sanc for tenato. tenrex is a beast, it has lke 1400 attack at level 21.

im currently stuck on the ourano tho for dilorach.