What should I do next?


Soooo. I’m not sure what I should do next to improve my team and also use my coins and dna wisely.
What would you do? Many thanks :grimacing:


Try to get few more legendaries. Rajakylosaurus, Pyrritator, Diloranosaurus, Tragodistis seems to be reachable for you. Also increase IRex and Stegod lvl and you’ll have a top team IMO


Agree with getting tragodistis. He’s in range for you. That’s what I’m currently working on along with Pyrritator


This. and ill change the pyroraptor for the ouranosaurus till you have a better option. The raptor are now two hits to kill. You can kill a lvl14 pyro with a level 14 ouranosaurus.

Tragodistis for Rajasaurus
Ouranosaurus for Pyro i say


An also farm more coins hahahaha :slight_smile:


Seems like you might have enough DNA to get Postimetrodon. His immunity helps a lot in the arena. Can’t be slowed or crippled


Thanks everyone!
I would also love to get a higher level gorgo but kapros are too rare where I am. Is my level 13 enough to do something in battles?


I usually use Gorgosuchus like a Raptor. Bring him in to finish off an opponent with Ferocious strike. Then the +50% damage is ready for the next dino. With the +50% damage coupled with the Defense shattering rampage it’s usually enough to one shot about every dino.


Nice one! 20 character*


I’d level up the Eini, she’s a solid member of my battle team.