What should I do to my park and dinos to get the best of everything?

Just wanted to know what I can do to get the most coins, dna, and food out of my park/dinos

Well, firstly buy decorations with 3% or higher. Then surround your best producing coin dinos (VIPs, hybrids etc) with them, and aim on getting to 100% or higher.

If you dont know who produces the most coins, go the the visitor center:

Oh ok thank you. Also how did you get so many different powerful creatures?

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The VIP creatures I got from the Solid Gold packs. The tournament legendaries, I got Dracorex from the gold fidelity form prize drop (I also got mosasaurus for there too). And kentrosaurus, and gorgosaurus (which you can’t see) from an event with odds of getting it. Spinoraptor I got from modded PvP (still waiting for rajastega ) and limorynchus I got from gyrosphere battle. The other hybrids I made and just leveled them up.