What should I do to my team and what should be my next target to unlock?

Just kinda curious since every creature I have locked would take a while to fuse (exempting albertospinos since I do the raid).

Your unique team looks fine. You should join a better alliance that can help you unlock Apex. Apex dinos have been made insanely op.

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I can’t see everything you have but you have the Monolorhino to be able to do the Hydra raid. You have the Parasauthops to do the Gorgotrebax raid. Based on the strats I use, these are the creatures used for all the raids except the new Impera one that needs Refrenantems to defeat. I haven’t seen a working strat yet for Impera that doesn’t use Apex’s…yet. It will take you a while to get a Thor or Tuora up closer to 30 but you can be a minion with the smaller ones.


You honestly shouldn’t have the Thoradolosaur on your team. It’s better if you use it in raids than pvp battles trust me

The others are ok although Phorurex did get nerfed recently so I’m not sure if it’s viable.

If you can level up indotaurus you should use him over thor

I know from experience that he’s bad in pvp battles, but a lot of people say he’s good in raids so you should try that

You might need to change the Phorurex as well

But I don’t know since he did get nerfed but people still use it so

I was a able to attack boost indot and level it up and you’re right about replacing Thor. Phorurex is only on my team because she is the only other speedster to help against the tanks, Thors, and faster creatures (she gets the job done better than erlidom)

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