What Should I Do With My Omega 09?

Just came back to start playing this game again mainly because of Jurassic World: Dominion. It’s been several months since I stopped playing to take a break and I came back to see I’ve somehow accumulated nearly 10,000 Boss DNA.

I feel like seeing if I can unlock Juggernaut but then I realize how useless Bosses are in-game in general and thought maybe I’m better off getting my LV 15 Omega to LV 40 for fun and seeing if I can dominate Boss Events with it alone whenever I feel like throwing some Dino Bucks away.

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it’s up to you, afterwards, it depends, if you do a lot of boss battles, take judgenaut, it’s the strongest boss, if you never do, leveled omega

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Throw it on the far island and forget about it and or pretend it doesn’t exist.