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What should I do

This my current lineup and i want to inprove it which hybrid should i be making first i could make a rajastega, unaymasuchusor an indominux rex which of these will im
prove my lineup greatly


Keep adding more dinos to the top of ur lineup. When ur lineup is deeper, go for a ferocity jump to lvl 40 legendaries
Lvl 40 legendary ferocity includes:

  • stegoceratops lvl 21
  • tropeogopterus lvl 30
  • all lvl 40 legendaries
  • indominus rex lvl 10
  • vip creatures lvl 11
  • unayrhynchus lvl 11+
  • suchoripterus lvl 20
    Last 2 will be costly

Do u mean unaysaurus?

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It looks like a bit down on herbs, getting another stegoceratops and ankylodocus will allow you fuse them to 20 and get 2 herbs at the top of your lineup

Otherwise get more level 30 legendaries to help depth and for future level 40s, maybe another tapejalo to make the level 10 more useful.


Shouldn’t this be in the team comp and tactics category?

Just get another Tapejalosaurus, Spinoraptor, Stegoceratops and Ankylodocus for now. You can fuse them when you can afford level 40 legendaries.

Thank u everyone for their opinion

Yes, sorry for the spelling mistake