What should I do?

Im fresh out of Stygimoloch! (The epic one)!
And I need it for paramoloch and in turn: touramoloch… and i have 224 touramoloch DNA!!! Just a couple of tries! What should I do?

Cry I guess.


U could ignore the salty post above me. :wink:
Then I‘d just recommend u to do many battles per day for the incubators. I often get Stygi DNA out of these. Other than that, u could wait for another week where Stygi is beeing featured. :slight_smile:
U‘ll get the hybrid soon, don‘t worry. :slight_smile:


Not salty, it’s just there’s virtually nothing you can do except keep cracking incubators in Hope’s of getting a few handfuls of Stiggy. So you have to sit there with that 10 DNA left, waiting and hoping, for who knows how long.

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Put one in a sanctuary and scrape up some DNA! If you just need a few fuses it might not take too long.


Sanctuary definitely something is better than nothing.

I can’t recall the gain for Stygi off hand so I’ll assume it’s similar to the basic 4/2/3 ratio.

If you were able to feed/play/interact with them, doesn’t have to be yours, 6 times a day for two days you’d end up with 113 DNA (counting the 5 for one of yours coming home). In 2 days you might even get a little extra for an incubator.

Also see if someone else in your alliance will put a Stygi in the sanctuary too. Then you can use a feed/play/interact on both once per three hours and get more DNA.

I have 2 accounts and I will put he same creature in the sanctuary’s so I can get double and sometimes other alliance members put the same thing so I can get triple. For epics, it’s small amounts but it adds up.

Yes, sanctary is nice you can get exclusive DNA free.
You can also battle more to get incubators. I get Stygi DNA from one out of every three 8-hr incubators.

yeah sanctuary. i get 50 anky DNA a day. its slow going but that 350 DNA a week. more than id get any other way