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What should I evolve first?

I got both my Indominus Rex and Allosino up to 19 with enough DNA to evolve them to 20. What I was wondering was which one should I evolve first. I don’t have enough DNA to get Tarbo to 20 yet, but I’m close. I do have almost enough DNA for Erlik to get to 20 and have 10,000 DNA for Velociraptor but I’m worried it will run out fast since I-Rex and Indo are both using it. I’ll eventually evolve them both but I just wanted to hear someone’s opinion on which would be better to evolve first.

I would work on Thor and save up boosts for when you unlock it. :slight_smile:


I was going to say I-Rex since Erlidominus is closer to becoming reality. lol

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That works too, both are great dinos, he won’t be dissapointed with either one for sure. :slight_smile:

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Go for Indoraptor.

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Allosino to start working on Thor… Priority to Erlido over Indo. And Yes, you’ll need an average of 3000-3500 Velo DNA for one fuse on Indoraptor…

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Before Erlidom? I kinda think Erli is better for the current meta, but again, cant go wrong with either one of these. :slight_smile:


I was thinking they had him already. I keep forgetting it’s very possible I’m the only person who has Indo with a Velociraptor that’s only level 16. I love all the Indoraptor events, but Ludia could really stand to use him less often. I mean, one attempt at Tenontorex was enough to warrant fear of “Unbalance in matchmaking” after all!! :joy:

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Yeah, I don’t have any Uniques yet. That’s why I was wondering what would be a easy first one to get.

All are great choices though, go for all! Lol.

If you are having rat problems, definately Erli > Indo, imo.

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How much Tarbo left to reach lvl 20 lol? Normally I would say go Allosino. But considering last week and this weeks featured Dinos veloci and rex… You will get Close to Indo depending on how much dna you have of them now. Reality is you want all 3 heh.

From my experience…

Tarbo at night is easier than Rex global but you need 2k tarbo dna for a fuse, good night hunts.

Rex dna is easier than Erlik especially right now in the events. Personally haven’t seen a wild erlik since 1.7 dropped. Anyone else?

You need a lot of veloci dna for indo, a lot! lol. But this may be the easiest. While you are getting veloci at night hunts you can start collecting tarbos in preperation. Plus veloci is the featured events right now.

This is if you want the easiest imo…

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As Tarbo & Velo are easy to grind and request, I would look at Erlik, Sino & T-Rex. Which of those will get you a Unique first?

Other than that, are you struggling with speed ties/disadvantage on either DomDom or Allo atm? Then evolve that one.

I’ve noticed that Indominus can hold his own much better than my Allosino can, I might go for Thor first then.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys, it helps since it’s a hard decision DNA wise.


Erlidom is a good but Indoraptor is a good choice and potentially easier to collect for.